Stroke Victims, etc.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by taras, Mar 27, 2002.

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    :cool: An idea some of us seem to lose on a bright sunny day with the wind just right a pocket full of ammo, and a tag to fill with this; Where'd it come from? Mine I mostly got fom my late father, I hate the word Late .:( I wish he was still here but at least he ain't sufferring, If we didn't get our shootin' power from them then at least we garnered some wisdom!!
    Jeemy asked a question :confused:that again I think a tips section would be great for. But unless you read every post of mine no-one knows the nature or severity of my dis-advantageness. Head trauma, broken spinal vertabrae, as well as neck, and worse the side effects of the meds. To me the biggest obtecle to shooting is bright ,especially flashing lights,:cool: so I wear very dark glasses 'til it's nearly time to shoot. Many stroke victims will also have light sensitive eyes,If the person is mobile( ie. no wheelchair or walker etc) I suggest a afternoon hunt as most meds are at bed time and morning. If he has trouble speaking a decent coachs whistle is only a few bucks. may scare off the game,but get your attention with minimal effort.Always good if he runs into trouble, but you wear one too then no-ones is self conciouc\se. Did he ask any-one to be golfing with him, or was it an offer? If you/whoever offered to golf with him did ask, then why is shooting different? I guess I should get off the topic just it makes me a little sore that I half assed raised my bro when mom had cancer, than was the only one there for him @ Father's passing, and just because hw talks different,don;t spell so good or add as fast people treat him so different. I grew up seeing It but never felt until I ended up in a similar boat, hell same boat, he's in a canoe, I;m on the Queen Mary.
    Sorry guys was just gonna answer a quwstion for a guy and ended up venting. I am sorry. Goodluck, Good hunting!!:rolleyes:
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    Hey sorry folks if I posted th same twice. Kinda new to this computer game, new forum, and just got high speed cable!
    I used to be able to get a cup of coffe and roll a smoke before it loaded or whatever its called, now I just start to roll me a smoke and I'm back to the post, Old Dog New Tricks !! I'll figure her out yet, I HOPE.

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    Good points Taras. I live in lower Wis. and my twin brother lives in upper Minn. I may not see him that much, but he has 4 sons that hunt and play golf with him. He is in good hands and I talk with him alot. Jerry K.