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Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by RyanH, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. RyanH

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    Someone gave me a Boito 410. I noticed the firing pin was sticking out, so I tried to lube it and clean it. I moves a little better, but it still stays out after firing. Any ideas? I have no idea how to get the gun apart to look inside at the problem. It looks like pressed-in pins holding it together.

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  2. samuel

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    I would venture to say you are right about the drift pin.I never saw one but would bet they were supposed to have a spring to work a rebounding hammer.Could be the spring is screwed up and holding the firing pin ahead.I would venture to fix it myself but if you have any doubts about your mechanical expertise,go to a gunsmith.

  3. Dutch

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    I do not know a lot about the Boito's. But Stoeger might have breakdown and/or other useful information somewhere for them. It might be worth perusing their site or giving them a call.
  4. RyanH

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    I haven't tried firing a live round yet, but after reading about using a dowel rod in the barrel to test the firing pin, I used a pencil, and it shot out several feet. Is it possible that the "sticking out" position is its default, and when the trigger is pulled, it pushes out just enough to fire? When you press on the pin where the hammer hits, it does push out a bit farther, then returns. I'm just afraid with the pin out like that, that when I put a shell in and close the barrel, it'll fire off on its own.
  5. George H

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    It is no unusual to have a non sprung firing pin. many double are the same way.
  6. SwedeSteve

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    Can you open the action and press the firing pin in until it disappears ??