Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

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    Ill add the link to this one....gureenteed to make your fuzzy little day.

    Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

    The Student Pledge Against Gun Violence will be observed in schools throughout the country on October 24, 2002, a Day of National Concern about Young People and Gun Violence. The Pledge encourages young people to take a proactive stance in reducing gun violence.

    Curriculum Suggestions

    from the VOW Project by James Michael and Charlie Wine
    All selections below are taken from their web site

    The arts
    James Michael Wine and his brother, Charlie, suggest using the arts to think about hands. "The hand is our connecting tool, to each other, to the world we grasp..."

    Ask students to think about all the good things that hands make such as music and paintings.

    Discuss the song "Join Hands" (downloadable from the site) and analyze its lyrics. Talk about other music in which hands are a central image: "I wanna hold your hand;" "Hold My Hand."

    Get students to write down their thoughts as they listen to "Join Hands."

    Ask students to write a new verse for the "Join Hands" song.

    Is it an oxymoron to juxtapose "hand" and "gun?" See their graphic that splits those words apart.

    Social Studies Projects
    Ask students to research gun violence in the US compared to that of other countries. Compile statistics for gun violence affecting young people under age 19.

    Have a class debate on the 2nd Amendment.

    Ask them to keep a log of incidents of violence seen by them: in the news, in movies, on television, in life. Are there patterns to this violence? How often are guns involved?

    Students might bring in news stories about an act of violence that affected one life or the life of a whole nation. (Political assassinations come to mind: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, JFK, etc. And there are thousands upon thousands of private stories.)

    Have a class brainstorming session in which each student generates 10 suggestions for reducing and avoiding violence. Discuss the lists.

    Create a message of nonviolence and "market" it as if it were an ad. The Wine brothers suggest: "It can be serious, it can be cool. It must be effective." Figure out how to spread this message in your school.

    Hand out a survey one month after your message goes up to see how effective it has been. Remember that it takes repeat exposure to have a message take root.

    Invite students to bring in a story, poem, song, or film that says something about violence. Have a student lead the discussion.

    Compare Romeo and Juliet with West Side Story. Rewrite the endings so that violence is avoided.

    Talk about the Anton Chekhov quote: "If a gun is on the mantle in the first act, it must go off in the third." Make societal comparisons.

    Talk about dreams, using Langston Hughs's poem, "Harlem." ("What happens to a dream deferred?")

    Refer to Bobby Kennedy's use of the George Bernard Shaw quote: "Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?"

    Talk about Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, and have students write their own.

    Lead-ins to the saying and/or signing of the Pledge - discussion with students
    What does it mean to go "on the record?"

    What does a vow or pledge mean to you?

    What does it mean to take a stand? Is it hard? Is it important?

    [Is "giving your word" and keeping it a matter of honor to you? Does having friends who keep their word mean something to you?]

    What kinds of vows or promises have you made?

    What kinds of vows and commitments do people make to each other?

    What are some examples of famous historical vows or pledges? The VOW Project gives Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce as an example: "I will fight no more forever." [You might also quote the last line from the Declaration of Independence: "With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." How important was it to our development as a country for the signers of the Declaration to be able to count on each other's word?]

    The VOW Project suggests the quote from JFK's inaugural address as a fitting lead-in to the Pledge: "This much we pledge and more...In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than in mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course." (1961)

    I am deeply indebted to the Wine brothers, Jim and Charlie, for their creativity, their spirit of collaboration and partnership, and their wish to weave the Pledge into their work to reduce violence. All of the above ideas are from their [email protected] unless otherwise indicated. Some of MLG's suggestions are included in [brackets].

    Mary Lewis Grow, National Coordinator
    How to Participate in the Pledge at the Last Minute

    If there isn't time to distribute individual copies of the Pledge, post a blowup of the Pledge on a bulletin board or wall in the hallway, with sign-up sheets for students to sign. Or put a regular copy of the Pledge on the wall with a long roll of butcher paper beside it for signatures.

    Have an important public figure, your principal, or a favorite teacher lead the students in saying the Pledge over the public address system.

    Call for one minute of silence in memory of young people around the country who have been victims of gun violence.

    Every hour throughout the day read a statistic about young people and gun violence over the public address system - if you would like a copy of some relevant statistics, please email [email protected].

    If your school participates, be sure to total the number of signed pledges and SEND THE TALLY to the Student Pledge office. You can enter the number by fax, email, or online by clicking here.

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    You know, these tree-huggers are really screwing up the kids. I have heard of this program, and told my wife that it was a joke. She believes me now. Also, the schools here are asking kids if their parents have a gun in the house. If the parents do, they are compiling a list, and sending it to the parents in the district saying that so-and-so has a gun in their home. Do you want your children playing at this house? Personally, I don't care. Guns have been around a lot longer than any of us, and they are everywhere. My step-kids both know what to do if one of their friends try to show them a gun without adult supervision. I just wonder how many of these teachers have one.

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    I say that we all make it a point to take our kids, grand kids..heck any kids we can find....out shooting on October 24, 2002 to celabrate this event.... like the million round march .. have the kids all shoot targets and send them in to these freaks.
  4. Calvin

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    Good idea, Bob. May have to organize that here......
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    Is any school actually pushing this commie BS?

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Parent list

    You know it is very dangerous for the school to make a list of which parents have guns. I wonder if they would be responsible if a BG or a kid got a hold of the list went over to the persons house and STOLE a gun and used it in a crime? The school has surpassed its duty with this gun list. It is just as bad as asking kids if they are Jewish and telling everyone in the city that the Millers are Jewish; do you want your christian kids playing with Jews?

    This is an invasion of privacy. If somebody wants to know if I have a gun before they send their kid over then they need to ask me.

    As for the class discussions, I would love to sit in on these enlightened discussions. I bet there are a few facts that those kids are not getting. Oh and if you want to sway a kid your way on gun issues; just tell them that along with guns those Columbine kids played violent video games in order to help train for their spree and that along with guns these types of games should be outlawed along with music that has violent undertones. They will backtrack like you have never seen!
  7. I wonder


    I wonder if it would be possible to sue the school, the school board and the school coordinator of that program. Doesn't that infringe on your constitutional rights? Isn't this a form of harrasment? Your local tax dollars hard at work.....
  8. Klaus

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    Well phacopsrana, If you read the disgusting document again, you will notice that children are supposed to use the Media as an unbiased source of information concerning crime and guns.
  9. Calvin

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    Already checked on that, and it falls under freedom of speech. It's not slandorous, as the information is basically gathered the same way as the news is, only by a bunch of kids who are being misled. As far as harrassment, I'm not being bothered because of this. If I ever am discriminated against because of it, you can bet your a** that I will do something.
    As far as the actual list goes, I have yet to see one myself, but the step-kids tell me that some kids have actually seen it before. Like Phacopsarana said, I would love to sit in on a discussion on this. I'm very positive that I could shed some real light to these uneducated educators.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Just skimmed it

    I still have an aversion to that type of info being gathered and distributed at will. I don't see how this is free speech. If this is precedent to free speech then why not ask about religious affiliations, I don't want my kids playing with satanists, or what about Incomes should you have a right to know what I make?, What about food staples I don't want my kids to eat at someone's house who doesn't properly nutriate their kids. What about jobs? or sex life or political affiliation - really do you want your kids playing at some anti gun socialist's house.

    This is dangerous VERY dangerous. Taking advantage of kids to enforce a political view is sickening. Looks like I need to sit down and have a serious talk with my 6 yo about how many guns I DON'T own!
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    October is hunting season maybe you should take a kid hunting and target shooting to counter this junk
  12. Calvin

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    These tactics have been used for quite a while in Ohio. If an emergency vote on a school levy is needed, the teachers have actually told the kids to tell their parents "If you really loved me, you'd vote for the levy." This is just another BS tactic by a bunch of overpaid, uneducated, close-minded teachers to "better the community." I have sat in on sessions at the school board, listening to their crap, and have tried to interject. When they find out I don't support/beleive what they say, I am cut off. It's happened to a bunch of parents who feel the same as I do, and there's not a whole lot anyone can do outside of taking over the forum by force. Letters are never answered. Phone calls are never returned. I agree with you, Phacopsrana, as this is dangerous. Only thing is, until ALL parents have had enough, and actually get off of their duffs, this is the wave of the future.