Study: Network TV Lacking Diversity

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    What do you all think????????

    Study: Network TV Lacking Diversity
    AP Television Writer

    LOS ANGELES (AP)--Network television has made scant progress toward ethnic diversity in programming and even lost ground when it comes to the shows favored by young viewers, a new study says.

    A 1999 vow by the major networks to include more minorities in prime-time series has largely gone unfulfilled, according to an analysis of the current season by Children Now, a research and advocacy group.

    The networks are telling ``essentially the same old tale,'' the report said, in which younger white males predominate, ethnic actors are relegated to supporting roles and female characters are often stereotypes.
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    Different networks have differing mixes, but the commercial ads are not lacking for minortities. My only beef with the "Equal Rights" programs is that they are neither equal or right. It must work both ways. Prejudice is just as bad on either side of the line.


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    We need more good shows

    Like the Cosby Show where only minorities held high profile jobs like doctor or lawyer or banker etc...

    Ya know what-who cares! I watch shows featuring black families if they are good. I don't watch shows like Martin or Fresh Prince bc I do not care about that "IN YOUR FACE POP CULTURE ATTITUDE" they reflect. I mean who really acts like that-(people who ask you if you want fries with that). Make a good show and people will watch it.

    It has nothing to do with prejudice or raqcism. It has to do with money. Networks aren't going to put on a show that noone is goping to watch just so they can say we have filled our quota. If minorities want to make minority tv shows buy up a station and start producing.

    By the way anyone ever see the Bernie Mac Show. FUNNY