Stuff you have found in the woods?

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  1. alleyyooper

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    Growing up in middle of the mitten Michigan, well nearer the knuckle of the little finger.

    My little brother and I did lots of small game hunting before all the posted no hunting signs went up. We ran across a clearing back behind our property and found old kerosine cans, food cans. a bit of talking with old timers in the area said there was a lumbering camp there till about 1920.

    Another area on State land 3 miles down the road had a track grown over with some good size trees we found rail road spikes. Now we though that was strange stuff to find in the woods. Researching we found there was a lumber operation small scale rail road running thru the area for several miles hauling logs to a saw mill on the edge of a lake near our home.

    Sure enough checking the north west corner of the lake the shore was mostly old saw dust.

    We found the remains (no wood handles.) cross cut saw also. I still have it today.

    Here I found a log chain several years ago laying on top of a old stump and just a couple days ago I was walking along the creek and came up on a old rotten log and found a logging chain wraped around it.

  2. mauser9

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    Not much to share here. A shed deer antler and an old Coke bottle.

  3. Found a Buck 110 in its sheath once
  4. TheWall

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  5. chesterwin

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    Ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, horse flies, snakes, poison oak/ivey, fire ants and etc.

    Tranquility and the joy of observing nature while hunting/pattering/trapping/taking game.
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    Wish I could find a Puma White Hunter made in the 60s to go along with my Skinner!!
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  7. Nodpete

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    Snow & ice in July.

    Fox fire.
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  8. rando

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    Be a nice place to take a metal detector.
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  9. rando

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    I found a deer call, and another time I came across an old well. Shined my flashlight down there and saw a few antique tools. I managed to fish an antique little well made hack saw out of it. Very little rust at all and still has the blade. I have it hanging in my garage. I also came across a large American flag and banner on the side of a mountain in thick woods. I believe it was ripped loose from a store maybe in a tornado a few weeks earlier. There is no stores for like ten miles from there though. 453.jpeg
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  10. alleyyooper

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    Wow Nice find on the flag. Had a tornado go thru near here, hit a small about 12 miles away. Couple days later I am pick up a lot of insulation the pink fiber glass stuff and a little of the foam stuff.

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  11. rando

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    I keep an eye out when in the woods also. I always am scanning the woods and the ground. My hunting partners laugh at me sometimes because I notice all the different tracks and chit from different animals.
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  12. rando

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    That flag and banner had over a hundred feet of 3/8" nylon rope through it and a big ball of it up in a tree. I managed to recover all rope and flag. Also removed some of the orange banner material. The flag has embroidered stars. It hangs in one of my sheds and I also have a the pic and story in a frame under it.
  13. bobvonb

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    I stopped counting at 100 deflated Mylar balloons up in the San Bernardino Natl Forest. There were 3 or 4 on cliffs I couldn't reach but I got a bunch out. It always surprised me when I'd get way back in where I thought nobody has ever been and find empty rusting beer cans. That's part of the forest in profile pic.

    About a mile further back in from the profile pic there was a kitchen sink sitting on a large bolder. It's still there.
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  14. austinjoe13

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    I found a toilet today...
  15. Cyrano

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    New York
    When I was a kid, I found a little brass saluting cannon, about .50 caliber, half-buried in the woods. Another time, I found a plastic wash basin half filled with silverware, stuff abandoned by a gang of thieves who burgled about 40 cottages in the off-season. The cops weren't sure if they had been stashed for later pickup or ditched because they weren't sterling silver.

    At the time (early 1960s), the vacation development where my folks bought their cottage was strictly a summertime settlement. (Dad was considered odd by the contractors because he insisted on delaying the interior finishing until the house was properly insulated; when the contractor refused to do it, Dad and I did the insulating with fiberglass and foil batting, stapled in place with a staple gun. I measured and cut the batting and held it in place while Dad stapled it because my hands weren't strong enough to work the staple gun.) We were out in the woods off a back road between Plymouth and Bourne, and when I was a kid there were no streetlights and no phones, only cranberry bogs and the odd hunting & fishing cabin. Neither the state police nor the Plymouth cops patrolled there; they really don't patrol there now unless someone calls them. But at least today they don't say, "WHERE did you say you are?" when you call them!

    These days, the woods I explored and played in as a kid are housing developments for people who commute into Boston either by car or by train. Frankly, I liked it better as scrub pine and blueberry bushes.
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  16. rando

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    Joe was it one like this? RTX159FU.jpg
  17. animalspooker

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    I have a better recollection of good toilet stumps than I do good hunting trees!
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  18. animalspooker

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    Hey, that's mine!!!

    Look like this?
  19. chesterwin

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    I found a cell phone about 10 years ago. Called one of the local guys I know and his buddy had lost it a couple of years before. Apparently he had backtracked several times looking for it. It was at the back of a thick cut over at the edge of the creek swamp.
  20. PaleHawkDown

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    1. I found an absolutely pristine pair of 1970s-era Fiskars scissors.
    2. I found a weather balloon that NASA had launched in Huntsville (they paid me a $50 bounty for mailing it back to them.
    3. several abandoned deer stands and blinds
    4. a destroyed still and a jug of shine hidden in a nearby tree stump
    5. The old I95 radio station van
    6. The remains of a '57 Chevy Nomad so deep in the woods and hardscrabble I am not sure how it ever got there
    7. An abandoned radio tower
    8. an old set of mine cart tracks that seemed to end at some sort of kennel deep in the woods (lots of dog-sized cages - very creepy)
    9. stacks of '80s era porn mags in a shallow cave.
    10. a pile of seemingly used condoms at an old campsite. Not several strewn about, but a small hill of them.
    11. A pair of panties and a dog skull hanging next to each other in a tree.
    12. A pair of fisherman's waders buried with the feet sticking out so that my friend and I spent hours trying to dig them up to see if we needed to call the cops about a body (they were just full of mud and rocks). This was practically right under the skull and panties, so you can understand our concern.
    13. A dirty baby diaper, seemingly recent, but so deep into the woods and away from any trails as to be disconcerting.
    14. An abandoned rope bridge over a creek/small gorge in the deep woods of Tennessee that was so old that when one of us touched one of the guide ropes, one whole side fell apart.
    15. The remains of a chainsaw sticking out of a tree and overgrown by the tree. Guess Mother Nature won that fight twice.
    16. several fireplaces/chimneys
    17. A piece of oceanic driftwood covered in barnacles nearly 300 miles from the nearest beach. That trail was only a few hundred yards from a neighborhood, though, so it might have been a discarded souvenir.
    18. A hammer that my cousin's black lab had stolen from me nearly a decade before while I was running barbwire. Found it with the Bush Hog, unfortunately, while trying to cut a trail through the woods for a feeder.
    19. An abandoned cemetery dating back to Reconstruction that had been part of a black community that had long-since moved to town and been forgotten.

    Most of these were found in the woods around Birmingham. The creepy mine tracks/kennels and cemetery were found deep on Lookout Mountain in Alabama. The weather balloon and the hammer were on our farm. The deer stands were found all over, and the chainsaw was found on Sand Mountain.
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