Stuffed Mushrooms

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    Stuffed Mushrooms

    I know this sounds pretentious but not the way I make them-Cheese and Sausage oh yeah!

    3 Ingredients Only
    Pack of Mushrooms
    8 oz. Cream Cheese
    Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage

    Fry sausage til done and drain grease. Add Cream Cheese til melted in same frying pan and mix well. Clean mushrooms really good and take off the stems. Place mixture in the buttons and bake until mushrooms are done. Great for Football Season.
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    Are you a Jimmy Dean rep?

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    NO-although if you look thru my recipe collection you could make that assumption. Just not a creative cook and ya really can't mess up sausage! And I hope this isn't one of your "Secret Recipes" too.
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    Lol no. I'm not that into 'shrooms.
  5. This is for those who have a wood stove they fire up in the winter: when you have your stove banked and putting out a slow steady heat instead of roaring, you can cook mushrooms on it. Pop the stems, brush the caps good, and set them directly on the stove bottom side up. sprinkle a little salt into them, and let them slow-cook until they fill up with liquid. When the juice is starting to dome a little bit, the mushrooms are done.

    A friend and I used to play chess one night a week while my girl friend and his wife sat and visited, and we took turns supplying a bottle of wine, the mushrooms, cheese, French bread, dried salami, apples or whatever. We kept a slow, steady stream of mushrooms going onto the stove, and picked them off and ate them as they finished cooking. We sliced up the cheese and salami, cut the apples into thin wedges, and just broke off small pieces of the bread as we went. If we were getting really fancy, my girl friend would put out a bowl of herbed olive oil or melted butter to dip the bread into.

    Nope, we never played chess at his place, because it was an excuse for him and his wife to leave the kids at home for one evening a week, and make adult conversation.
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    Try crab stuffed portabellos. Eat them like hamburgers on a toasted bun with tartar sauce! YUM !!
  7. Thanks . . .

    . . . as I have fondness for mushrooms beyond just what they do for a steak topping here in Texas.

    Have you ever taken some protabella mushrooms (the really large ones)
    and cut them into slices to sautee in real butter with just a kiss of garlic on the mushroom? Turn them over quickly to combine the garlic to the mushroom with the hot butter. A little cooking experimentation will lead you to the right heat and time in the butter. Well, it sure melts my tastebuds on a weekend afternoon.

    Good luck, good shooting, and good cooking.
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    I love the 'shrooms !
  9. I eat them all. I love roasted mushrooms. I love a pizza with fresh mushrooms and extra cheese hummmn baby.