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    A very self-important college freshman attending a recent football game took it upon himself to explain to a senior
    citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation.‘
    You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one,' the student said, loud enough for many of those
    nearby to hear. 'The young people of today are much more advanced than people your age. We
    grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon and the internet. We have cell phones,
    nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars , computers, automated manufacturing, amazing technologies, ...and,' pausing to take another drink of

    The senior took advantage of the break in the student’s litany and said, 'You're right, son. We didn't
    have those things when we were young........ so we invented them.

    Now, you arrogant little xxxxxx, what are YOU doing for the next generation?'

    The applause was resounding.
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    ^^^I still love that story.

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    It's a great story, and probably not far from the truth.

    I'll never forget the night I went next door to quiet down the party that was keeping the wife and I awake after midnight. I got invited in for a beer. Since I was already up, why not?

    A few beers later, some little twinky at the party asked me what I do. I told her I was retired. She proudly announced she was a Sophomore in college, majoring in Political Science. She then proceeded to tell me all about how the U.S. Constitution was a "living document" that was subject to broad interpretation of it's application (this was back during Obola's first term). I said, "Really?" She continued spouting all the socialist crap the libtards spew in college, until I finally told her that I was ex-military, and that I'm sure my dead compadres would love to be here for her lecture on American principles of democracy, but they died in Viet Nam, defending her right to spew such garbage. Several of the other youngsters hustled her off away from me, and I bid them a QUIET good night.
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    Here's the problem I have with the joke:
    1: Kids grow up with televised propaganda. There is a show on Nickelodeon that I had watched with my kids before and thought it was ok. The show is called "Loud House" and it is a fairly inocuous cartoon...until the introduction of the gay couple who are treated as the perfect parents. Now my kids aren't allowed to watch it, but most of their friends are.

    2: Jet planes are a nightmare now. Airports used to be fun and flights were relatively trouble free. In the generation before mine flying was even luxurious and fun. This generation has grown up in the post 9-11 hellscape of flight.

    3: No men have walked on the moon in my lifetime, let alone in the lifetime of any of these millenials.

    4: The internet hasn't been a place for the free sharing of ideas and products since the wild west days of the '90s. The internet of today is somehow both more antiseptic and more filthy.

    5: People still don't trust nuclear power.

    6: Electric and hydrogen cars are mostly awful, and less efficient that gasoline.

    7: Computers just make people lazy.

    8: The manufacturing is mostly in Foreignstan.

    9: Most of our amazing technologies boil down to new ways to waste time :
    (Warning, language)

    If this conversation ever happened the kid was even dumber than the joke implied.
  5. I had a friend who is a devout atheist (the angry kind,) accuse me of being 'archaic, ancient and old fashioned' once in my beliefs and mannerisms (any belief in anything higher than one's self is frowned upon by him).

    I told him 'thank you' as I believe modern man is missing something from his predecessors. They built the pyramids, Stonehenge, the incan and mayan cities (which in some cases have been proven to be older then the incans and mayans who moved in since they were abandoned). The colonists/pioneers came to a land which we can't really comprehend since most of what we have left has been mainly cleared of vegetation and strewn with paths. The old timers had vision and creativity, always pushing forward, moving technology ahead. Being a gentleman meant something back then. He got mad at me and continued to exhibit the stereotypical millennial responses to things whenever we'd speak. Hardwired programming.

    Today, not much has really changed since computers went mainstream. My generation is lazy, you'll never see a millennial pioneering it and building a dugout home or log cabin in the woods for his family as he pushes west. Many of my friends are genuinely confused when they ask what I'm up to and I tell them I'm rebuilding some fishing equipment, restoring a rifle or other sort of creative/maintenance project. I can't count the times I've been asked 'why don't you just buy a new one?'

    I learn very little from my own generation, aside from continuing to maintain a disdain for them. However I almost always learn something from 'old timers' when I speak with them.

    There are a few millennial gems out there who's spirit harkens back to a time when creativity didn't involve posting a picture of your lunch on facebook. But I don't meet many of them.

    I've said for years that I was born far too late.

    Or far too early, if you want to consider a post-collapse world rebuilding. I'm trapped in that awkward in-between period of societal development/collapse.
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    I'm a dinosaur and proud of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You don't know how much grief I get about maintaining a flip phone.
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  8. LOL I know EXACTLY what you mean! I take a lot of ribbing almost daily.

    When people give me a hassle, I point to my $15/month bill and the fact I have about 1/2 of my prepaid minutes left over at the end of the month anyway compared to their $50 to $100 or more plan.

    I don't need a palm-sized computer. And honestly if it wasn't for my family I wouldn't even have this phone on me.
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    You are not alone sir. I tell people that I only need a phone, not a computer on me. I also tell everybody that I do NOT text. You can text me and I will read it then CALL you back when I get time.
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    Maybe we should start a dinosaur club !!!
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    I held out for years without any kind of cell phone at all. Then the advantages kicked in and I broke down and got one, but it was a flip phone. I'm like what do I need to go to the Internet on my phone for. Typing on them little bitty keyboards with my big old fat fingers was frustrating. But finally, yes, I did succumb, mostly for stuff like GPS. But I still use a cheap Tracfone and I only have to pay them like $20 every three months, and I still have time and data left over
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    I'm in!
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    I'm a Charter Member! LOL
  14. I'm only mid-30s but I'm in. I'm not a fan of the 'modern era'.
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    Our cell phones were bought for emergencies when away from home & are the cheapy Tracphones. Costs my wife & I $19 each every 3 months & I presently have over 1K accumulated minutes. I receive text messages, mostly from Tracphone, but wouldn't know how to reply, if needed. My wife's phone is fancier & she had to read the book to find out how to receive & make calls! :p
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    New York
    My friends in the SCA say that I was born five or six hundred years out of my proper time. They say that had I been born in the Age of Reconnaissance, I'd have been a great explorer, and possibly a greater sea hawk against the Papists and the paynim sea rovers of the Mediterranean, and bought myself lands and a title of high rank. If I were born in the future, I'd be a starship captain on the order of James T. Kirk, though much less successful with women than he.

    Either way, I would be boldly going where no man has gone before. That, they say is my true nature, whatever my time may be.
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    Indeed.... I used a flip phone for a long time until the family went to a group plan. My Granddaughter gave me grief about the old flip and such is the way of technology. Had anyone told any of us in the 70's that we would walk around with a little phone less than the size of a pack of cigarettes, that could reach around the world, we would have thought they were spending way way too much time reading science fiction novels
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  18. XD

    The personalized message banner at the top of my phone reads 'Scotty, beam me up!' due to the appearance to a communicator from the show.
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    I was watching a person talking on his ear phone device and it struck me, if they had being doing that in the 70s, appeared talking to no one, we would have put them in the nut ward.
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    I guess I can't be a member of the dinosaur club.. I finally got rid of my flip phone, mainly, so I could take pictures of my Grandson without lugging a camera with me. Other than that, my phone stays on it's charger, plugged into the wall. If I leave home, the phone stays on the charger.
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