Stupid mistake with my front site - can anyone help?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Herman, May 24, 2008.

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    So, since I bought my ak47 about 6 months ago, the front site pin has always been drifted a little bit to the left. Maybe somebody was shooting long distances or in a lot of wind, or maybe they just put it together wrong...I'm not really sure. The other day, I was cleaning it and inspecting all of the parts, and I noticed that in the cleaning kit that comes with the gun, there was a tool that fit right over the front site pin (Not sure if I'm using the right name for it.) I started turning it, and low and behold, it was moving the pin! I, like the idiot I apparently am, thought that it was moving it from side to I kept turning. Before I knew it, I'd turned it as far as it could go, and actually broke the fragile tool that I was using to turn it. This is, of course, when I realized that it's not drifting the pin side to side, but moving it up and down (As I'm sure most of you already know.) So, I borrowed my friend's tool (the same one I broke,) and I can't seem to loosen the pin...I screwed it in so tightly that it can no longer be moved by the tool that you're supposed to use. I took it out shooting today, and the pin is so low that I literally have to aim feet below my target when I'm only about 30 yards away to hit anything. Does anybody know of a tool or anything like that that I can use to raise the pin? Would I maybe be better off just ordering a brand new front site? If so, where can I find a good one?

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    well those tools ar eallover the internet cheap id firsttry tofind a more sturdy one and try and loosen it up. anyway im sure theres a fix here some where for you, i dont think it will com e to replaceing the whole sight.

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    With a little ingenuity I am sure you could make a tool that would be strong enough to slip down and grab the shoulders of the pin so you could turn it. A dremel would be great to make a tool, or a grinder-cut-off tool to make a slot in a piece of rod. Just use pliars on the tool so you could develop some torque.
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    Sorry about your's things like that that rob me of my sleep.
    Anyway, if you buy a new sight adjusting tool be sure it's a good heavy steel one. I've heard some are made of aluminum or some kind of cheap material that can break easily. Though I've never seen one. You'l know a good one when you pick it's rather heavy for it's size.
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    Problem solved. I found a tool that will adjust for both wind and elevation.
    Thanks a lot of the help!
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