Submachinegun versus Shotgun

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Logansdad, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    :eek: Which would you choose & Why ? :rolleyes: :fuss: :rolleyes:
  2. johno

    johno Guest

    shotgun. more power and accuracy (at least wirh slugs). lots more power. hehehe. less ammo to get the job done. more range, although neither has much.

  3. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    I would definitely have to say Shotgun. #4 buckshot is essentially 27 lead balls of .27 caliber headed downrange at 1200 plus feet per second with each sqeeze of the trigger from a 2 3/4" shell
  4. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    Shotgun. Each shot is equal to a burst of fire. More socially acceptable. Shooting someone once with 12 Ga. sounds better in court than 8 or so times with a 9mm.

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    Why do you have 2 of the exact same threads? So you can get twice the opinion on the same thing? :insane:
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    Nah NRAJOE...just showing up where everybody else is.