Suggested Names for Bill Clintons ProposedTV Show

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    Suggested Names for Bill Clintons ProposedTV Show
    Hugh Hewitt had a very funny show last week in which listeners called in their favorite suggested talk show names for Bubba "It's all about me" Clinton

    "Speaking of Clinton, here are the best suggestions from my audience on the names for his new TV show should it ever get off the ground:

    "Here Come the Bribes"

    "That Girl and That Girl and That Girl...."


    "West Wink"

    "The Wizard of 'Is'"

    "The $64,000 Donation"

    "Who Wants to Make Me a Millionaire?"

    "Who Wants to Be an Intern?"

    "The Courtship of Eddie's Sister"

    "The Courtship of Anything That Moves"

    "The Smear Factor" with co-hosts James Carville and Paul Begala

    "I Love Loosely"

    "I Dream of Jeannie and Janet and Jane and Julie"

    "Touched by an Intern"

    "The Thong Show"

    "No Truth and No Consequences"

    "The Dating Game--Married Edition"

    "No Double Jeopardy with Co-Host Mark Rich"

    "The Last SinkEmporer"

    "The No Stain Zone"

    "Name That Stain"

    Me, Myself, and I

    How about "Politically Correct with bill clinton"

    Sold Train

    The Left Wing

    Law and Disorder

    I've Got A Secret

    To Tell The Untruth

    Hillbillies Say The Darndest Things!


    "Diddler on the Roof"

    "WhiteHouse Interns...To Hot for TV"

    "What's my Lie"

    Intern for a Day
    Soccer moms compete for the chance to become Bill's intern for twenty-four hours. Hooters waitresses are encouraged to apply.

    In the spirit of "Win Ben Stein's Money," there's "Buy BJ's Office."

    Star Peck(er)

    Beavus and Butthead (I don't know. It just works.)

    The (I'm not a real) man show.

    Charmed -- NOT!


    History Channel special -- Presidents with VD.

    Mister Ped(ophile) -- the talking ***.

    Touched by a Molester

    LA Raw


    Lost in Lace

    Cocky and Bentwinkle

    The Twilight Bone

    This Old Louse

    That Girl...No That That Girl....

    Captain BangHerToo

    Monica's Closet

    Just Blow Me

    The Man Who Knows Too Little

    The Wind and the Lyin'

    42nd Freak

    If You Watch this Show - The Terrorists Win

    Who's Chelsea's Father ??

    Mind Over Matter


    Married ... With Interns

    Willie Come Home

    77 DC Strip

    Fast Times at Pennsylvania Avenue

    Studio 54 Where Are You?

    Tales From the Orifice

    BJ Clinton Living