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Ya'll know me by now, I'm a little crazy about my backpacks and edc set ups. So of course I have a new one for the coming heat wave we'll call summer 2020. I have been rocking a larger more typical tactical backpack for the last few months, which has been excellent.(

but, as im feeling the temps warm up I got to thinking that it may be a little too large and hot/heavy for the summer days and nights, plus without having to deal with cold temps, i can lighten the load little bit!

I've had this 3V gear Bandit Hydration pack for about a few years now, but it hasn't gotten much use for a few reasons. first of all i hate water bladders, cant stand em. sure they work, mostly, and can be convenient, however I just prefer a good ole bottle. since this bag was designed around a water bladder, its pretty specific to that usage, however I think i've been able to adapt it pretty well to my needs. I love how slim it is, it allows alot more cooling on your back area compared to a regular sized even smaller back pack like the rush 24 or similar. the tall, slender shape of the bandit spreads out the load well, I hate it when all the contents of a pack get bunched up in the bottom causing the bag's shape to deform and turn into a tear drop or pear shape. its slim profile means it doenst hit your elbows or brush/catch against objects if you have to turn your shoulders to squeeze through something. also its very tight against the back and secure when moving, it also would be hard for someone to snatch and run off with.

the catch is, you have to be very strategic and picky with what you pack in it, otherwise youll quickly fill it to max capacity, which for me is not acceptable, I want at least a small amount of space available to carry things in I may pick up along the way or room for addtl gear i may choose to take along.

this pack has a clever( but not totally novel) expansion section in the main pocket, by unzipping a single zipper that runs from side to side and across the top, you can a considerable amount of addtl storage space in the main compartment. I love this feature as it keeps the pack nice and tight most of the time, and then you can expand it to fit more, as opposed to having a pack that is ~30% empty all the time.

Annnd of course something came up in the middle of writing this post...

I'll post the list of gear and pics shortly.


Collar Fur Liver Pocket Natural material

Little pocket:
Product Liquid Personal protective equipment Plastic bottle Tints and shades

front pocket emptied:
Bag Baggage Pen Confectionery Stationery

main compartment
Textile Bag Pocket Home accessories Thread

all the contents (minus the dog)
Feather Curtain Bird Natural material

med/possibles pouch
View attachment 142764
front pocket loaded
Blue Carmine Azure Grey Walking shoe

back (hydration) pocket contents
Wallet Pocket Linens

Textile Pattern Leather Woolen Sock

all ready to go!
Grey Tie Webbing Strap Armrest

So as you can see it doesn't have alot ofsof but it's got anything I might want or need out on a hot day and you can't tell very well but it's actually got a good bit or room left over.

750 ml of water
Light jacket
Light wind/rain breaker
Extra socks
Zip ties
Neck gater
Hand sanitizer
Hand salve
Small flashlight
Extra AAA
Medium sized folding knife
Mini Bic wrapped with 1" strip duct tape
Dude wipes
Small med / possibles kit
Face mask

That's it. If it's really going to be hot id take out the light hoodie. But sometimes it's cold in buildings even when it's 100 outside.

That's pretty much it.

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MosinRuger: Sir; I have several walk about bags. 1 with a bladder (I've never used)
Preferring canteens.
This past winter. I found a bag (school book bag). Being thrown away!
Weighs nothing. Nothing special
Up and down the beach. Carrying more crap than I needed
Amazing how much crap I carried. No back support at all
It's a keeper

Do Followup with your experiences :)

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I took it on about a 30 minute walk earlier today. had the truck in for an alignment, figured i'd go get some lunch while waiting and thought there was a wendy's just down the road.. well it was a pretty good bit away. sketchy part of town too... i had my hand on my pocket knife in my pocket most of the time..

anyways, it was a nice little test. did its job well. allowed my back to breath pretty good. carried water. cant complain. oh i like that its lighter too. I noticed the lower weight than my larger pack when i was lifting it over the center console into the passenger seat.
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