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Sunday Sunday part 3.

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by alleyyooper, Mar 13, 2018 at 9:25 AM.

  1. alleyyooper

    alleyyooper G&G Evangelist

    Dean and I picked up our gear then headed for the truck, I am steamed still over the J*** A** using the horse to try to intimatedate me.
    When we got to the truck Don is standing in the drive way telling them there goes some of the most responsible hunters that have ever hunted my farm. I told them where to park when they come to hunt and in 15 years they have never parked any place else, never left a gate open nor shot any of my cattle.

    Ya’ll on the other hand have no business confronting any one on MY land for any reason. If you felt there was a problem you should have called on your cell and told me about it.
    As of this day you are no longer welcome to ride your horses on my property, the gate will be refenced tomorrow morning. I also will not be leasing your fields to plant crops in and I doubt once the story gets around any one else will lease from you.

    They leave as we finish striping our camo off and Don walks over and says he is sorry for what happened. We tell him it isn’t his fault so nothing to apologize for, We will return in a week or so.

    We head on down the road and I am still steaming hot and tell Dean we need to hit the crop farm where we always see and shoot coyotes. I need to fire one up to get the heat out.
    We arrive, trucks temp said 36F, walk back along the creek to where the slough starts set out the decoy and caller hike back to a group of trees and set up.

    It is feeling real warm so I am hoping what I had read about afternoon coyotes was true. It is getting close to the time we would beheading out any way.
    Start the call going with the Piglet sound again, has been a great sound for us for nearly a year now. Don’t have a clue why as we don’t really have wild hogs to speak of in Michigan nor are we hunting a hog farm where coyotes could hear them and do nothing other than drool.

    At the 10 minute mark Dean sees a couple of coyotes coming our way pointing to them so I don’t miss seeing them. I make a slight shift and settle the cross hairs on the lead coyote signing to Dean to go for tail end Charlie.
    I let them keep coming as they were about 150 yards out and they didn’t seem to worried about harm coming their way like many have. They would only pause for a second or two and keep coming. Once they got to where we have prerranged 100 yards I gave the trigger sign to Dean and fired. Both coyotes are down for good, we wait for a full 30 minutes then get up. Walked to the coyotes a female and a Male both looked young when looking at their teeth and foot pads. I had shot the male both still had some beautiful fur.
    I now feel better.

    We head to another farm, then 3 more, collected 5 more coyotes before it started to get dark at nearly 8:00 PM just tired wanting some coffee.
    Go to Deans and while he is in getting us coffee I start hanging the coyotes in the cool room. Dean cAme out with two big mugs of coffee and a platter of cookies. We hurry and finish hanging rhe coyotes and go down to Deans home office in the back of the barn and wash up and drink coffee and eat cookies.
    We are just finished with the coffee when Dawn brings out a thermos full of coffee, Says we look tired.
    We are and decided to put the skinning and the rest off till Tuesday, since I had stuff I needed to do at home Monday.

    I want to know what happened they the one that tried to get away after shot.
    So I guess there will be a part 4 maybe.

    :D Al