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Super Blackhawk .44

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Skippy9821, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. The ejector rod housing screw on my Super Blackhawk appears to have broken off. It isn' the screw itself that's broken, but rather it looks like the piece in the barrel where the screw threads into has snapped off of the barrel. Does anyone know if Ruger can replace this or do I need a whole new barrel. Thanks in advance
  2. albrrt

    albrrt G&G Newbie

    Had a similar thing happen to me a few months ago. While shooting +P ammo, the nipple that holds the housing screw broke away from the barrel. I took it to a gunsmith (I wanted to use it that weekend) and he soldered it back together. Haven't had any problems since.

  3. How many rounds have you put back through the gun albrrt??? I'm not looking for a temporary fix and would like to have it done right. If you think it is a sturdy, solid repair I may give it a try. Thanks for the reply, Bob
  4. albrrt

    albrrt G&G Newbie

    Have put 100+ rounds thru the SBH since this happened without problem. Spoke with the gunsmith yesterday. He said he used a high temperature solder and then counted the threads as he tightened the screw to make sure he didn't put stress on the housing. Hope this helps
  5. Thanks Albrrt! I'll give it shot. Even if it doesn't work the worst that can happen is I'll need to replace the barrel. As it stands now I have to do that anyway. Thanks again, Skip
  6. mec

    mec Guest

    Depending on vintage these revolvers either have the stud you describe or the screw threads directly into the barrel. Either can shear and launch under recoil. Early in the metallic Silhourette game, most had the stud mount and they would occasionally come undone. The prefered fix (which was very effective ) is as you describe. The theory at the time was that the stud came loose because the factory hadn't used enough solder in the first place.
  7. snake

    snake G&G Newbie

    Vintage SBH housing stud

    We have a vintage SBH in the shop right now..Except the customer's stud / nipple is gone...Where can I get another stud??? Ruger does't seem to offer one......
  8. mec

    mec Guest

    Three possibilities If you're lucky Jack First -Obsolete guns parts will have it. Lucky because if he does have it he is the most likely to be able to find it in his inventory. 605 343 9544

    Next would be Numrich Arms - gun parts Corp . they have heck finding anything but do have a lot of stuff there. 845 679 4867

    Brownell's -mainly new parts I believe: 641 623 4000

    Good luck