Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginburg has passed away at the age of 87

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    New York
    And it seems I was not wrong in Post No. 4 in this thread. Donnie Boy intends to nominate a replacement for RBG next week.

    The article includes a list of possible nominees. They all seem like they could do the job, although I would like to see a list of how many cases each handled that were appealed to the Supreme Court were upheld. One major objection I have to Sotomayor's even having been nominated was the fact EVERY case she heard that was appealed, was overturned by the Supreme Court. Indicates to me Sotomayor is not a good judge, and has no business on the Supreme Court.
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    3 days is long enough.
    that's what I was told by every job I ever had.
    Tuesday sounds like a good day to start the list of names rolling through approval.
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    The entire existence of these tokens like Sotomayor is an insult to the intelligent, honorable members of every race.

    So many good people wax and wane from this life with no fanfare, yet some despicable trollop of the right political cant gets on the SCOTUS because of skin color or cultural affiliation.
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    She was trying to hang on until after the election & hopefully, a liberal president to choose her replacement. I figure she was havin' thoughts that she messed up by not retiring while the non American was prez.
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    She stayed well beyond her expiration date. You cannot listen to 40 per cent of oral arguments on important decisions and render a valid opinion. She reminded me of the 80 year old waitress who doesn't need the job but won't give it up for someone who does because she is a bit to selfish.
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    Shame she could be considered a "domestic enemy" whose work contributed to the rending of the very fabric of our nation. No worthwhile legacy at all.
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    Two things have to happen.
    1) Trump has to be reelected.
    2) The Republicans must also maintain a majority in the Senate.
    My money says that nothing happens until after the election.
    My money also says that many of the paid agitators, and arsonist, and domestic terrorists that have been decimating, burning, and destroying so much stuff out west are making their way to DC for a new $hit$how.
    My money also says that there is a bevy of lawyers and investigators currently digging up dirt on any contested Republican seat in either house of congress, and they intend to destroy anyone that shows any sort of vulnerability in the entirety of their life.
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    I had gone to a cookout at a friend's house and left around 9 o'clock. None of us had heard the news at that point. As I was driving home there were hundreds of blacks gathering in the local abandoned Kmart parking lot. Got home and found it was BLM having a 'vigil.' It's getting dangerous out there. I'm thinking about getting a second gun out of the safe tonight or at least putting a full box of shotgun shells on the counter in the kitchen.
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  9. Ok... I know I shouldn't but ......

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  10. goat roper

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    One good thing - I'll bet that she goes ahead and retires now.
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  11. Ten Man

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    The Donald better choose wisely, this time. :usa2:

    Now, we are in for yet ANOTHER hotly contested issue between Americans and commucrats! :mad:
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  12. Ten Man

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    There was much more I wanted to say, but I just recently got back on G&G. :rolleyes:

    Most of the comments ahead of mine pretty well summed up my thoughts on RBG.

    I think Jaison was reading my mind.

    I'll just add this thought: What happens IF the commucrats DO manage to deny the re-election of President Trump, launch their "Blue" states "Secession" plan, and declare war against the "Red" states? These whackjob communist tools have gone so far anti-American and pro China, that I don't put ANYTHING past them at this point. I am concerned that the death of RBG just might be equivalent to the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.
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    Trump can just tell the press that when he shut down air travel from China the Democrats called him a xenophobic, but months later they were saying he should have done it sooner. He isn’t going to let that happen with the Supreme Court justices.
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  14. Ten Man

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    Yes. WIN, LOSE, or WAR, President Trump needs to make getting a conservative Justice seated as RBG's replacement, his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

    Otherwise, the nation known as the "United States of America" will be lost.
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  15. DWFan

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    RIP to the woman but she should have retired in 2010 where the Democrats/liberals would have been sure to have a replacement to their liking. She did them no favors by staying that extra decade. Be prepared to hear the tired Roe vs. Wade arguments all over again.
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  16. Ten Man

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    As some like to say, "There is a little good in even the worst of us."

    I guess we would have the weigh the negative impacts she made during that 10 years, against the impact of giving the selection process to President Trump. Only time will tell.
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    bet she still manages to vote come November.

    ahh,, I remember the 1970's too.
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    For the Leftists, another sign that the end of the world is near.
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  19. Not that I want any kind of Armed Conflict but there is an Absolute truth in the Thomas Jefferson Quote:

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

    We've already as a Nation seen this several times since the Revolutionary War... with numerous Existential threats to Liberty Such as:
    - The War of 1812
    - WW I
    - WW II
    There have been others, but perhaps not quite of the same Magnitude.

    The Truth (IMO) is that you can't fully communicate the Importance of Liberty and the Threat of losing it third hand... It's significance for most people can only be recognized by first or second person experience, meaning that either you personally experienced it, or knew someone who did who could not only relate the facts, but the emotion, urgency and importance of the lesson.

    Unfortunately we are due for another round, as most people from the millenial generation have never experienced any of this first or second hand.. and not to downplay Vietnam, Korea, or any of our Wars in the middle east but none of these conflicts if lost would directly represent the loss of Liberty in this Nation directly, and that is a Significant Difference in the perception of Liberty and it's importance in many younger people today.

  20. Jaison

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    That’s the conundrum and discrepancy regarding the Millennials.

    Our military and first responders are filled with quality Millennials who have seen the elephant.

    We have quality Millennials on this site, as well- guys and girls who work their jobs, own their actions, use their brains, and respect their perches upon the shoulders of the previous generations.

    It has to be frustrating to see so many of their fellow generation behave like spoiled little punks.
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