Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginburg has passed away at the age of 87

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    The door of "opportunity" opens.
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    Here's what Shad Olson posted on his FB timeline a few hours ago.

    Text Copied & Pasted below for those who don't do Facebook... (if you don't follow him, you should)

    "Games afoot on both sides of the RBG vacancy. To nominate or to wait. That is the question.

    And if you think the matter a foregone conclusion with John Thune and Mitch McConnell coming out in unison nearly begging for a nominee prior to recess in a sign of purported Trump solidarity, a few thoughts. From the loyalty file.

    As the least vulnerable down ballot Senate candidate in America in 2016, John Thune was the very first Republican mouthpiece to demand Trump's removal as GOP nominee after the Access Hollywood "Pussygate" tape. Do you believe Thune was acting unilaterally in that announcement? Where do you think the order came from? Mitch McConnell stopped just short in multiple interviews replete with gushing Hillary praise of suggesting he might support a Clinton Presidency over Trump. He was a study in artful silence regarding the outcome of the election. Neither man can, nor ever should be trusted with Trump's best interests. On anything. Their combined eagerness betrays the point.

    Besides further imperiling purple state Republican Senators in already tenuous reelection bids, a nomination fight conveniently sucks every molecule of oxygen out of comparative scrutiny between Biden and Trump in the homestretch. It immediately becomes the only issue that matters. With debates either looming or being dodged by a staggering Democrat nominee who needs public scrutinizing like he needs another hole in his befuddled head, the political timing of an obfuscatory issue could not be worse for Donald Trump. The fusillade was only about to begin.

    A Democrat lovefest disguised as a funeral now provides Glass Joe an extended break in the action and will presumably throw annoying questions of tone, etiquette and measured aggression into the two men's first meeting on a debate stage.

    Lofting a nominee turns the final month of the Presidential campaign into a Brett Kavanaugh rape hearing, complete with Blasey-Ford amnesiac CIA drones who are only now remembering their linguistic programming and inventing unpleasant things about the next Trump choice, pending name.

    Holding the seat and not rising to the establishment bait preserves the filling of the post as voter turnout catnip for both sides, but with the added strategic benefit for Trump in signalling his confidence in the November outcome and a strong sign he believes he will win this race and has all the time in the world to control the ideological destiny of the high court. Nothing to fop sweat about.

    Thune and McConnell's urgency can and should be read in exactly the opposite way. They believe Trump is finished and that a blue wave is coming leaving GOP surrogates between now and January for a final flexing of power before the Democrats complete the sweep and begin fulfilling promises to pack the court with additional bench slots, pack Congress with new D.C. statehood and abolish the Electoral College via unconstitutional amendment, en route to permanent single party communist rule in America that will make a single high court appointment as inconsequential as a speed bump. Despite his base's fervent belief in figments like fake viruses and election landslide victories, any matching urgency by Trump in filling the seat could be an equally prescient tell regarding the actual state of the race and his chances of surmounting a wave of Democrat fraud.

    History shows that of the eight election year Supreme Court appointments in the 20th Century, five were scattered between the months of January and March with the latest successful calendar confirmation happening in July, 1916. The only two previous October appointments resulted in failure, with one nominee withdrawing from consideration after opposition filibuster in 1968 and another in 1956 that was blocked and eventually pushed off until the following year.

    Then again, it requires only a short walk through recent memory to recall greasy national elections with hanging chads and razor thin margins that have been decided by the Supreme Court, either by their willingness or unwillingness to rule. A 2020 tilt with every potential to be as litigious as it is contentious casts the high court's role in deciding a mushroom farm worth of voting irregularities in crucial relief.

    Lastly, whether he nominates or not may be the final decision of significance President Trump truly reserves all to himself in a year that in more ways than one, continues to do nothing if not leave Americans gasping for a moment to breathe.

    What's one more dose of turmoil added to the fire?"
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  3. Did not agree with her politics or points of view...that stated she was put on the bench for a liberal reason by a liberal anti-American Bill Clinton... We have a a perfect opportunity to install a Conservative as the libs gave us, Sotomayor, Kagan, Sadra Day O'connor and Ginsburg...strike while the iron is hot...put up a highly qualified candidate and double down like the left always does...we have to use their tactics against them...
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    Actually Sandra Day O'Connor was a President Reagan appointment, and turned out to be quite wishy washy and unpredictable in my estimation.
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    The only “Blue Wave” will be by cheating and the Democrats have got a science on that! We must make our presence felt Nov. 3rd! Don’t let them steal this election from us! Go out in mass and vote! The Latino and Black community are wising up! Don’t let New York and the Left Coast take our Liberty away! This is the most important election of our lifetime! If we win, Trump can finish draining the swamp.
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    Amen !!!
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    Democrats in the US and even libtards in Canada are threatening arson, violence and riots if Trump puts another justice on.

    Even the Democratic member of the Wisconsin State ETHICS commission is advocating for violence if Trump does that. Not a shocker considering they dont have any ethics to start with.
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  8. Agreed, and just to Clarify I'm not saying that ALL Millennial's don't get it. There are many people who don't get it and from every generation, but Millennial's and later have a much smaller chance because they have had less opportunity for second hand exposure.

    I have often wondered if the meaning of that quote and similar ones was only meant directly, or if they knew of the dangers of Freedom and Liberty isolated for too long from any threat.
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    Two is one and one is none. Always need 2 guns. Having the bigger one with 15-30 rounds with without a reload is a plus. Any high cap 9 will do and pretty much any smaller handgun will work. Having a third would not be out of the question. I happen to have a tiny 9, a midsize 9 and a carbine 9, that might work. I have been doing the same as you when I drive into the city. Intentionally being under-armed is a choice.
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  11. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor's interesting the only REAL 'science' the leftists have is fraud and rigging elections.
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    It is amazing how apoplectic these people get when they don't get their way or point of view. Kind of like a little kid on a tantrum. Threatening real violence, illegality, assault, and mayhem--hurting people and their property. Then attempt to categorize gun owning patriots who follow the law and constitution as right wing nut jobs.

    I think they project alot of THEIR character defects onto others.

    Now the GOOD thing is they're generally cowards and faced with a REAL boundary will skitter back into the basement.
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    So a bunch of wishy-washy writers and a Trudump professor are making idiotic statements. I put them in the same box as all of the hollywierd celebs? that swore they would leave the country if Trump won. Slip up behind them and holler "BOO" and they will pee allover themselves and faint.
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    These people think that they are "Hot s**t on a polished silver platter, when in reality they are nothing more than a cold turd on a paper plate."
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    They had to save their phoney baloney jobs.
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    This behavior and the projection issue is a sign of emotional insecurities at the very least. And more likely varying degrees and types of mental disorders.
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    Now Pelosi is threatening to use impeachment to thwart Trump from nominating a new justice? I am pretty sure that is not what impeachment is for.
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    lol won't work. Didn't work the first time with the Russiagate thing; even IF they could get 2/3 of the Senate (they can't) to vote TDS and remove from office, the guy or gal's still nominated and in by the time they impeach.

    These libs are nuts.
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    Well Mr. HR although that is true, none of those appointments and confirmations happened within roughly 6-1/2 weeks of a highly contentious election. Especially an election where the opposition had been fighting tooth and nail to unseat the POTUS before he was even sworn in nearly 4 years earlier. Especially when there happens to be paid felonious rabble-rousers, militants, arsonists, provocateurs, in the streets actively burning and pillaging or even ambushing their very own police...
    And PS Mr. HR, parts of those mobs are already leaving sites that they've vandalized and torched out west or places like Kenosha so they can do the same in DC. Watch your back because we haven't seen anything yet.