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Discussion in 'Ruger' started by jerry, Oct 23, 2020.

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    The little 10/22 has certainly been "supremely viable" for Ruger, economically!! LOL!
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    Jerry: Sir; Fun historical learning :)
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    Capitalism and guns. Awesome!

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    I don't even admire the 10/22 and still liked your linked article Jerry. Love reading of background and history of stuff.
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  5. Awesome article...I like the 10/22. I have a walnut stocked "Chief AJ" accurized 10/22, have one with a .920" HB in a Hogue overmold stock that is a dream to shoot and I have one that is bone stock...I have a bunch of barrels that are excellent for projects...the 10/22 is an icon of Ruger's engineering prowess.
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    Agree it’s interesting or at least entertaining. A break from doom and gloom. They did mention a couple other guns in there. The cycle rate info was interesting. Thanks

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    Good grief, is it possible that JMcDonald was right!:eek:
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  9. jerry

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    ^ Yep!

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    Well I do have two of them, so there ya go.
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    Is that all?!?!?!????? :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    You're slackin'!!
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    ^^^Guess I am also since I only have two. One for me and one for a grandson.
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    I have one. Going on 32 yrs old.
    I have a few guns bought new that are 30+ yrs old. They are in VGC. 30 years and a lot of shooting is just okay data for how a gun and your feeding and care program hold up. Point of story, the 10/22 has passed the test.

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    Nice history, thanks. The 10/22 to me is like a Cresent wrench, just something you always need around. I bought one because I did not like the box magazine sticking out of many guns. That flat bottom and dependable rotary mag is great and totally dependable. I have had an after market with issues but never the Ruger brand. The 10/22 design is about as fool proof as one can be.

    I assume Biden/Harris is going to ban them too, high capacity fast firing assault rimfire?
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    Interesting reading for sure.
    I'm a real slacker though.
    I don't own a 10/22...
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    I’m what some call a “proud owner” which means I don’t shoot mine near as much as I used to. When .22 went double or more a brick from $8, then the first shortage / gouge fest, I lost interest a bit in all .22’s.

    I know the $8 a brick game couldn’t last forever. Inflation, raw materials, labor, etc. Albeit the dollar was worth a little more then, it did seem somewhat affordable at the prices of the day. Or seemed so because i wasn’t feeding a coral of different calibers at the time?
  17. I'm up to Four in the house counting the Takedown I gave to my son. ... Standard, Rebuilt fun gun and a Charger I'm waiting on parts to build out into a braced pistol.

    Just as an aside, my Rebuilt fun gun had started giving me some issues of FTE's / Stovepipes so I've been vetting different fixes (plan on doing an extended YouTube on it at some point). So far I've vetted several aftermarket fixes and a couple of home brewed ones that greatly improve reliability with the Ruger BX-25 mags, which I'll share here since most with a 10/22 will just have to read this thread (LOL ... myself included).

    From all the testing I've done the two biggest issues with FTE's come from the Extractors and the Ejectors (no surprise), with the extractor being the biggest culprit at least in my case.

    Extractor Fixes: Basically the biggest issue with the extractor is how sharp the very tip of the hook on it is. Even a worn extractor will sufficiently grab the case to extract (and remember this is a blowback action, so the extractor isn't as relevant to the case exiting the chamber as on a non-recoil operated action since the case is being used to push the bolt back). Where the problem lies is in the extractor's holding onto the case as the Ejector does it's magic. So if you can't clearly feel the grooves on your fingerprint when gently dragging your finger across the front of the extractor hook nearest the case body it will affect your ejection process because it grips the rim during ejection. The two options to improve this are:

    - Replace it, preferably with a Volquartsen extractor and spring (under $20). I've used these and they work.

    - Dress the edge of your Ruger Extractor with Jewelor's files to the same Sharpness then Heat it up Cherry Red with a propane torch etc. then Quench it to Temper it to Keep it's edge. I've done this and it works well too, though I've not been running it long enough to see how well it holds up.

    Magazine / Ejector Fixes: This is a Tougher nut to Crack. First, on the 10/22 the Ejector isn't part of the Trigger Group as most folks think... The Tab on the trigger group is the Secondary Ejector for use in clearing the weapon. The actual Ejector is built into the Magazine and is the Notch on the Left side about 2/3 of the way back down the feed lips. Most folks know that the factory Ruger 10 round mags function Great with very few FTE issues and there are several reasons for that - The Ejector tab is slightly larger, the feed lips are also precisely machined, and lastly it fits precisely into the magwell. Compared to that the BX-25 (I won't discuss other options because they are prolific but the same stuff applies) has a slightly smaller Ejector Tab, has Cast vs. machined Feed Lips (and btw, I was going to pick up a spare 10 rd mag recently and found it also had cast feed lips!... I put it back on the shelf) and the mag has a larger taper so it has a lot more wobble in the mag well, especially side to side (depending on the stock- More later). The Options to improve this are:

    - Replace it with some other aftermarket Option (Crap Shoot here, Buy and Try!... and what might work with one rifle might not with another esp. if it's a different configuration).

    - Check the side to side Wobble and built up the bottom of your your mag well on the ejection side (your stock, since it functions as the left and right side of the mag well) to keep your BX-25's Ejector farther to the Right (holding the weapon, bottom of mag to the left). This will give you better engagement of the Ejector to the case rim.

    - Carefully Dress your Ejector to eliminate the rounded profile from casting. I did this carefully using a dremel to dress only the forward facing edge of the ejector removing just enough to give it a sharp corner.

    FYI I also did try using "Enhanced" mag plunger springs (two types) and an enhanced plunger and saw no benefit from either.

    The end result was that the two things that Dramatically improved Ejection were the Extractor fix, and the Mag Well build up with the extrator being the best and the Mag Well fix coming in a close second (but it's effectiveness will vary with the particular stock), though in my case neither (or both combined) completely eliminated stovepipes / FTE's. Also the Ejector Dressing did appear to help as well, giving a little more consistent Ejection as far as where the cases were going.

    Oh, and all of this was using Cheap Ammo ... Remington "Golden Bullets" as the way I look at it being able to reliably run the Cheap stuff is the real Test for any "Supremely Viable" Weapon!

    I'll add two more things that I found out going through this process... 1st be careful what you use for Lube when you disassemble and clean a BX-25. During the testing I tried using a Dupont teflon based dry lube and then started having FTF issues. Re-cleaned and lightly lubed with BreakFree CLP and lightly buffed the working surfaces of the feed lip block (used a SS brush to clean and thought that might have contributed) and that greatly improved Feed. I also replaced the Recoil Spring Charging Handle with a New standard Ruger replacement which also helped some (this rifle, or at least the basic parts was made in 1978 and I've had it since 83). Though none of this impacted any FTE Events.
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    Interesting reading. I've got a mini-14 as well as ARs. But prefer my Smith MP-15/22's.

    Nice thing about having choices that fit YOU. A person gets to get the gun that suits him or her best personally.