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The most important survival skill for urban dwellers is creating those favorite recipes for cats and dogs. And of course writing them down since there will be no computers working for very long. And of course gathering up some metal coffee cans to heat the house with rubbing alcohol and toilet paper, if they are still available.

And trying to convert those fireplace inserts to actually burn more that 2 small logs at one time. And of course how to cut much wood when there is no more chain saw gas.

Perhaps the biggest skill is finding stuff to make candles when the power and spare gasoline and batteries are long gone. Very few people have ever experienced even one night without artificial sun. Think about a month at your house with no lights, TV, phone, security light outside, etc. I expect roving bands of teenage people just wandering around hoping to find one single source of social media when none are to be found. That us the real threat.......can humanity survive without such creature comforts? I dunno?
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