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  1. I tested some survival gear this week end. We kayaked out to a spot where we had seen big cat tracks. I brought my BOB from the Jeep, and we set camp on a clear spot by the water. I brought my rope tent, a 25ft long spine with six ropes coming off it for sides. I tied it between two trees used metal stakes to hold the six ropes that go through the eyelets on a Camo tarp. Then just a 5x7 space blanket tarp. I stayed warm as toast at 38 degrees. Then we tested the Bivouvak folding pocket cooker from Sportsmans Guide. It unfolded from a VCR size to a nice steel stove. We gathered some straw, and wood and struck the magnesium stick and had fire that cooked some dry soup mixes. Weird noises that night.
    At day break we fired up the cooker and made some coffee, ate a Cliff Bar and checked the Yo Yo's and we had two catfish. We broke out the ultra lights and caught a blue gill, a bass, and 2 more catfish, we already had dinner. So we took out our Buck Marks, his is a Target, mine a Micro, and proceeded to knock off turtles. My Micro worked great as a small game getter. Put on our BOB's and went hiking. Saw some big cat tracks again. We came back and while the fish were in an earthen bed of coals we had a few beers. The fish turned out great, The Buck Mark Micro Bull is officially part of my BOB.
  2. sounds like a great time. I need to get out and have some fun like that sometime soon. it's just so hard with a girly wife and a 6 month old.

  3. I'm going to do more of that with gear I get or make. Might as well use it to build endurance and check for the best prudent places for the best routes out and in. Lived off the land, with proper preparations. Shotguns would have got us some dove, their roosting ground was next door. We could of lived their for a while. Deer tracks, and pig too. Those weird noise where the Yo Yo's triggering.
    Some times a man has to remind himself 'a country boy can survive. Remind your self soon.
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    My brother and I are going to go do some "gear failure testing" this Fall, as well. We were in boy Scouts together, 45 years ago! It will be fun to go at it with a bit more knowledge and experience under our belts. LOL
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    Ok, I gotta find a park like that that allows fire arms. I'm sold. You just described my dream vacation!
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    Good to hear Deersniper!! glad ya added a good peice of equipment to your B.O.B.!
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    Sounds as if you had a good time and ate well !!
  8. This was some land on a friend's property. Look for that Barry. Form those community groups now.
    We were shooting a 2 1/2" target and at 30 ft, we filled those circles. The CCI Mini Mag was more accurate than the Federal bulk. The Micro had no burps, just smoothness. The round bull barrel was accurate. His choked on Remington bulk, but CCI fixed the problem, after an oiling. He has never cleaned his other than the barrel. After seeing his pistol cleanup and work in the field, it has the reliability and accuracy that you need. It will take a rabbit, maybe a turkey. A 1000 rounds are light. The 8" size makes it a good packer. It will run off a cat and take a snake. My Mini Rifle.
  9. ^ Sounds like a commercial, lol
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    I may know some folks that have a couple hundred acres I could do some tests on. My grandpa has 40+/- acres, covered in deer, good enough to live on, raises cattle and a LARGE vegetable garden. I could live their easily enough, but surrounded by small subdivisions.

    The other folks I know are just as close to town, but not as close to neighborhoods, small strips along the highways is all, vast (by AL standard) stretches of land with nothing more than a logging road. I need to get up with those folks. . . I'm gonna e-mail one right now.
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    WOO HOO! Ol' buddy said I could camp at his place anytime, just let him know when I'll be where so no one gets alarmed when they hear gunshots.

    There's a nice creek and LOTS of game.

  12. Well, there you are, Barry. Practice makes perfect, and I love to practice self reliance anytime.
    Letting him shoot your guns = More invites. LOL. Each trip try to do with less to refine the basics that you need. Remember also, that older people who own land will need Our Skill Set to provide services and protect their land. Not necessarily family, but like minded people.
    That way, If they mess with anybody, they mess with the whole darn trailer park, The best protection is a remote location, surrounded by friends, communities are springing up every where. You need to drive some stakes out there and put a home in a hill and fill it up.
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    Yeah, I REALLY want to buy some of the large lots out there and become his neighbor, with a big custom built ;) house on that same creek. That'll have to be many years from now though.
  14. Going again this Weds. Have to water our co-op bug out garden on my friends property.
    He'll be hunting in Colorado for big Mule deer. I'll be catching fish and trying my rat trap snares while trying new gear arrangements. It will be about 40 at night, I'll try my new GI fleece sleeping bag from Sportsman's Guide [20.00] It's rated 30-60 but with a tarp under it and a 5x7 space blanket tarp wrapped around it, Cabela's [15.00] with a tarp strung over head, [Camo]. It should go to 30 degrees easy. I'll have a chance to try some new rope holders.