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  1. I just purchased a Special Weapons SW45. They are a HK clone(HK parts US Receiver). I haven't shot mine yet but so far I have had favorable responses on the quality of this weapon. Is there anyone out there that owns one and could give me some feedback good or otherwise. Thank you.
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    I'd actually be very interested to hear how it works for you. How much did it cost?

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    You have peaked my interest too. Where did you get it? How much?
  4. I just shot it today. But due to limitations on time only about 90 rds. First of all flawless reliability. This was shot with three different brands of ammo. Fiocchi 230gr. UMC 230 gr and Lancer factory reloads 230. All hardball. Shot it at an indoor range at approx 60 ft. Was grouping to the left but every shot was covered by my hand. After a little tweeking of the sights by the rangemaster 3rds,3 bullseyes. As for the price I got for 1750.00 and it shoots modified 30rd greasegun mags. I have to say at this time I am very pleased with it and when I get to sit down and see what it will do I will let you guys know.
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    Well, I could never afford that price for that kind of gun, but I'm glad you have such a fine piece of equipment.
  6. Don't lose hope G3. I really couldn't afford it either. I just traded some guns that I had and saved up the rest. Going by the sound of your name, it sounds like you already have a great weapon to play with.
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    You bet I do...
    But it cost $500, and I think I overpayed a little (I got extras with it though.) Mine is mixed parts on a redesigned American receiver that incorporates a scope rail and prevents use of the retractable stock (which would presently be illegal to install anyway).
    Yours is a pretty special and unique piece. HK never made .45 ACP MP5s, only 9mm, 10mm, and 40S&W ones. I myself prefer 45, as do many Americans, so Special Weapons stepped up and did what H&K didn't. H&K finally clued in with the UMP and US civilian USC, but that's a whole different machine.
    Personally, I prefer the full size HK rifles and other designs for pistol calibers. So I guess we can both be happy.
    If they don't make what you want, the tool companies can have my business...
  8. Update on the Sw45. Its a winner. Went through 350 rounds, no problems. Accurate out to about 60 to 80 yd range. I would think thats pretty good for a pistol caliber. I can hit at 100 yds with it but it seems at that 60 - 80 range you almost can't miss. Just got my extra mags for it and will have to check them out later.
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    Sweeet. When you say accurate, how accurate is that, in MOA?
  10. I was shooting informally. We were shooting at 12 oz pop cans and styrofoam cups with water in them. A guess would be (remember I am no expert shot), I wear a size 9 glove and every shot at a piece of plywood at about 80yds (24 out of 30) could be covered with my hand regularly. Thats off hand. I imagine a good shooter and benched could cut that down easily. When I took it out I was first looking for reliability and then accuracy. The rangemaster where I shoot at indoors showed me that it can do pretty good. The only thing that I am concerned about is I think the trigger on it should be a little smoother. I am thinking after the break in stage if its still a little scratchy, I am going to get a trigger job done on it. Time will tell.
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    sw.45 owner/feedback

    i purchased one a couple years age. at first, i had probs, it wouldn;t cycle properly. i sent it to Special weapons- who fixed it and it has since been flawless. its so accurate if you empty a 30 rd grease gun mag into a target it ends up looking like 1 big whole. and recoil- almost non-existant. i love it. i also ave an hk 9mm and i prefer my sw.45 any day of the week. happy shooting- stand up for our gun rights while they're still rights....
    phila,pa area
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    I need any information that can help me resolve my feeding issues with my sw45. I would love it to work properly and be reliable. Have had it for years and would love to get it right.
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    Help Please,
    First off Howdy! Second, sorry but I don't have a clue about the SW but you may want to start a new thread here or under "other manufacturers". I am sure some one here will help.

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    help please,
    did you ever find any help

    DESPERATE G&G Newbie

    I have the same feed problem with this firearm