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  1. I have 3 Swedish M96s in excellent condition and I'd like to add an M38 in the same condition but they're almost impossible to find locally and the few that I've seen on GB are very pricey. I know the value depends on the rifle and what it's worth to the buyer but I'd like to see your input as far as what you would be willing to pay for one in excellent condition. TIA:feedback:
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    I paid $425 almost 2 years ago for an excellent M38.

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    Thanks SWEDE. I figured around $400+.
  4. lefty o

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    in todays market, 400+ would be a good ballpark.
  5. This particular rifle didn't sell but another one almost identical sold for $595.
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    That's good news !! What are they getting fo M96's now?
  7. M96's are going in the 300+ range. I just paid 325 for one from a private collection and am waiting for it to show up. I think it is a pretty good deal, sold as all matching except for cleaning rod, photos of it looked really nice, seller has a good reputation. It should show up in about a week. The few comparable ones I've seen were 350 and up.
    Check out Allan's Armory website (sorry, attempt to provide link not within my limited ability) allans-armory.com. He is one of the few dealers offering them. Price can go up depending on the sight on the particular rifle. And wouldn't you know it, he is on vacation right now so you'll have to wait a few days for his website to be open for business again. Bought one rifle from him a while back and it was as described and at a reasonable price.
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    I've bought from him. Was a good deal!