SwedeSteve and the Swat Team

Discussion in 'Humor Forum' started by privateer, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Our Good buddy SwedeSteve was pulled over today for having a tail-light out and when the cop looked in the window of steves car - Well I'm here to tell ya - thats when the excitement began.


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  2. texnmidwest

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    He should have known that those rifles needed to be in cases!!!!

  3. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    I told him not to move my stash....
  4. LOL Moose,I thought about useing your name on this one but it was Steves turn :)
  5. grizcty

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    Honestly Officer,
    I was just going to the range!

    About break time, for you.
    Want to come along?
  6. Don't laugh, but that actually is what happened to me over 30 years ago, I had stopped to refuel in Temecula Calif on my way out to my Aunt's place near Borrego Springs to do a lil rabbit and yote hunting. Had a couple cased and uncased rifles and my new shotgun laid in the rear deck of the car the attendant came out for me to pay him saw the rifles and retreated to the office. I went in and paid for the gas and continued on my way, 10 minutes later I got pulled over and surrounded by 2 San Diego Sherrifs and the CHP all with weapons drawn. It was a wee bit tense as I sat in the back of that Patrol Car as they ran the serial numbers and verified my identity.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    If I had that many guns on board, why on earth would I pull over ??