Swedish 6.5x55 ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by savageT, Aug 5, 2002.

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    This site needs a kick in the tush!!!!

    Come on you Swedish Mauser Fans, how 'bout letting us all in on where to find the best buys on MIL SURP 6.5x55 ammo and new hunting stuff too???

    I've found "Cheaper than Dirt" http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ctd/dept.asp?page=2&dept%
    is pretty good on new Sellier and Bellot's 140 grain SP at $8.99/20rds. a pretty great buy. Also on military ammo "Cole Distributing" http://www.coledistributing.com/ has 6.5x55 139grain FMJ @ $7.05/20 rds. Lets hear what you can find.
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    I've heard that Hornaday has a really awesome load in 139gr. The Sportsman's Guide sells some from time to time at a discount.


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    I have went to reloading just because of the accuracy of "the 'ole girl" But when I buy ammo I found the most variety on sportmansguide.com, i did a search on 6.5x55 and got like 15 or more different types of ammo at great prices. I like the variety as i can check out different bullet weights. The stuff from Hornady is light magnum in 139 grain and it is a great shooter. They also have military surplus, even the wood bullets. I also got some descent stuff from them labeled pmc, in three different grades bronze,silver and gold.
    Oh yeah my bud also sells a mess of ammo on the net and he just got like a pallet of swedish mauser ammo, as he was overwhelmed with requests. his site is "www.emergencyresources.com" tell him Tonny sent you he sells to me cheaper than anyone else, makes reloading obsolete for blasting ammo i can't beat him. if you don't see the add for 6.5x55 swede ammo, email him for a request he will give a reply.