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    I just bought a SXS 12Ga. made (or imported by fie / F.I.E>?) I remember reading somewhere, sometime, that sxs or ou dbl barrels were more accurate?
    any opinions? and even better any advice for a beginner trap shooter?

    I'm still hoping a mosin will come up before my dros on the winchester :headbang:

    TRUE GRIT G&G Regular

    Not more accurate, but not any less accurate. With shotguns accuracy is not generally the issue, its fit. When shooting trap or sporting clays it's the fit of the gun that comes into play for success for most people. Unlike a rifle where you focus on the sights, shooting clays is alot more of a fluid swing where you aim with your body as the gun comes to your shoulder and you lead the bird with the bead. Some people feel that the balance of a O/U is a big plus, others favor a S/S for overcoming issues with eye dominance. In general double barrels will mean a faster follow up shot than a pump or semi.

  3. petrol

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    thanks, I went to triple B a while back. I sucked at the skeet (where they fly left to right?)
    and yeah, getting the pump pumped definitely took some time.
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    I prefer a SxS to an OU. But an auto is tough to beat !!
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    A single barrel is more "accurate than a double because the double pushes away from the opposite barrel.The devider/taper where the barrels are fastened togather is tapered so it makes up for one barrel pushing away from the other.So,basically,you might say they are the same in accuracy,except slugs have a tendicy to do their own thing.It is usually hard to get both barrels to shoot to the same POI. ,,,sam.
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    A o/u is better for handling the recoil. when shooting out of the bottom barrel the recoil comes straight back into you and limits muzzle jump. with a SxS the recoil of offset to one side, it only has a small effect tho. shooting SxS's in trap is uncommon for one main reason. The two barrels give an odd sight picture and takes some time to get used to. I love shooting with a SxS but the stock is always to short for me even with a large pad(i need a 16" LOP)