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Has anyone ever seen one? or know where to get ahold of one?

The only Synthetic Stock I have been able to find for my Ithaca 37 is the Choate, but it has the really narrow buttstock style. I want one like the original wood stock, just in black synthetic. I have also found side folding and top folding stocks....and even a few pistol grip rear pieces. but nothing turns up for FULL Stock and forearm sets.

If anyone has any ideas please email me. [email protected]

And I don't mind the cost, I know they will be pretty expensive. This shotgun has been many a mile in the back seta of a pickup, the wooden stock is still in fair condition, has a few chunks knocked out of it, but overall still looks good, I just want to get something new that will hold up better and I wont have to worry too much about it getting messed up.

Kinda sick that I can easily find a nice Hastings barrell with screw in CHoke tubes, but no stock :./

Thanks again guys,

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