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I have some Lenovo laptops I'm trying to get rid of. Here's a T440p, and here's the specs:

i7-4600m 2.9ghz.
16gb PC3-12800 ram.
480gb SSD (SanDisk)
nVidia GT730m graphics.
1600x900 display.
Backlit keyboard.
Windows or Linux Mint. Your choice.

This is the most upgradeable, and easiest to upgrade laptop on the market! Very fast! Very reliable. I'm only selling it, because I replaced it with a much more powerful W540, with nVidia Quadro graphics, and I have a couple other T440p's

This was my "Daily Driver" for three years. It's well cared for, and in high, "B" grade condition. No scratches on the top, great display condition, great keyboard. Good for just about anything, even some light gaming.

May be willing to warranty it.
I'll pay shipping up to $25.

$325. I have PayPal.

With a second, 240gb M.2 NGFF drive, $350.
Comes with a power brick, pretty decent battery, and a backup drive for the Windows variety.
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