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  1. ok so i remember a time when the survival threads were always the most fun to read. there was some crazy stuff here. it's late, i can't sleep cause of the pain meds(just had surgery) so i'm going to try this and see how it works. Critique each other, help each other, constructive criticism is welcome in this thread, nothing personal. it could save your life one day. No answer is wrong, just might not be the best.

    It's 1800 hours, your eating supper with your family(whoever lives with you) and all the sudden, BOOM!!!! All the lights and power go out. All means of communication are down. You instinctively reach for the closest weapon you have and start peaking out the windows to see what the f just happened. You start hearing gunshots in the distance and farther down the road you see enemy forces(i'll let you decide who) moving house to house killing everyone who try's to be a hero. There is approximately 25 that you can see and more keep appearing from around the corner. You estimate you have about 5 minutes before they reach your house so you need to act fast. What do you do...

    (for the sake of the game, all predetermined bug out spots are comprimised, that's too easy)
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    5 minutes before they get here? I wake up my wife and 16 year old daughter, and say come with me NOW, in whatever they are wearing. I toss my bugout bag to my wife, and I take a combat shotgun and a pistol, and cover our retreat to our vehicle. I figure 2-3 minutes down. We pile in my truck and head out in the direction they have not secured. Whatever bug out gear i have in the toolbox of my truck and my BOB will have to do, while we come up with a plan on the fly.

    Of course, all possible BO locations being compromised is kind of lame, since that negates planning ahead, which I think is the purpose of being survivalist....

  3. stinkybriches

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    give the wife the ar 15, tell her only to fire if someone threatens her or my position gets compramised, give my daughter the pistol and tell her to go into the bathroom and shoot anyone whos not me or her step mom. take my 12 gauge and ar10 to the bushes 20 feet away from the house and take out any mrfr that shows his face.ill probobly have some help from the neighbors. i figure i can draw attention away from the house, take out a bunch, and if they get to close my wife can flank them.
    your post makes me think i need some helmets and vests.
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  4. White Rook

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    I grab my "Supremely Viable" 10/22 and with extra magazines and with one shot one kill, shoot all of them in the head and then go back to bed.:AR15firing:
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    If I thought the scenario were probable I would have home made claymores planted in the yard with limp trip lines run to the house so I could pull them up to set them from the front door. And a few dozen home made grenades, but as is, and as I don't think that's going to happen in small town AL, Best I've got is loaded guns and GTFO!
  6. don5544

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    If the house is strong enough to stop a bullet (brick or stone). Hunker down and fire only if fired upon. If you can hurt the other guy enough to discourage him stay. Only the millitary will attack a hardened target. Gangs will move on verse taking multipule casualties.

    If you have BOB's ready move and cover each other till you are out of there way. In my case with three sons we can cover and move enough to be a hard target to engage. With only my wife and I, well we would hurt them before they got us. 10 minates and we would move and hide. 5 minates and were caught.

    The way I sit right now everything is locked up under at least 2 keys and a safe combo. I have too much invested in guns not to have they locked up.

    My situation is that crime is more a fear than a home invasion. If crime keeps rising then I'll start keeping a shotgun out.
  7. yeah but then people will just go, "grab my bob and go to my bo location and defend it."
  8. Martin Rage

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    Way to many enemies to engage them. You said they were only shooting "heros" You didn't say what they were doing. Were they confiscating weapons? were they activly searching each house? Are they doing in depth searches? I Will assume they are doing very quick searches and are NOT checking vehicles trunks.

    I go out to my car and grab my interceptor armor and medics bag and also remove my USMC window sticker, go back inside and start to hide my ar-15, saiga 223, PSL, shotgun, AK-47, pistols and 91/30 down stairs in the basement on top of the hanging tiles, and a few other hiding spots I have made in the house. Down 2 minutes.I take the body armor armor, medical supplies, and all the ammo and magazines and stash them in the attic under the insulation. Down another 2 minutes. Then me and my wife do and wait unarmed in the living room. If they are confiscating all guns I let them have my "Hunting" guns .22, .410, 12 gauge, 30-06. Let them think they have everything.
  9. stinkybriches

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    the way i see this scenario if its something like nato forces, i bet they have the town cut off befor moving in so you wont be getting out.
    or more likely the s has htf and its a gang of looters/ piligers.
  10. larmus

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    Question: "all communication" is this land based comm. like land lines and tv. or does this mean cell phones and wireless like cb, and walkie's that carry their own power source? makes a difference in my senerio.

    Time:1800 or 6pm for us non-military or emergency service guys. all my kids are up.

    Where: for me, the gun fire is coming from the south being as the variable states i have 5 minutes befor they get to me, unfortunately logistics would state that the aggressors are only 2 houses away given the time it takes to clear a house by shooting all unarmed civilians. in reality i would have heard the gunfire long before they got to my street entrance. they would have taken out the houses at the end of the block first then i would have seen them just coming up the road, this unto its self would change my variables, but for intrest of the OP's original question, i continue...

    What do i do: OK. 2 houses down, 5 mins away, killing unarmed civilians. Tell wife to grab kids(there would be only 2 in the house at this time the other 3 would have been at the end of the street where this began) and get to the back door and run for the bridge under the freeway, handing her her gun as she goes. 4minutes till they are here, all my gear is ready, i grab it and stage at my car port, start jeep cause they cant hear it over the screams and gun fire, pop the back of the jeep and load gear and shotgun and sks. the AR and 1911 i have with me. 2 minutes away they are at the next house... jump in the jeep and gun it for the bridge were wifey and 2 of my 5 kids are... load handing the wife the AR and bringing my SKS to the front i have about 20 mins befor they get to this position and can see me. Collect myself for a minute, say my goodbyes to the 3 children who would have been at the first homes over run by the enemy forces. Push open the gate that leads into the golf course and roll through the golf course till i get to the entrance, ride the roads to the freeway which is a mile from the golf course entrance. If the freeway is clogged because of everyone else, i hit the railroad maintenence road and ride it to tucson to S.I.L. Once in tucson i would get some spray paint and through some acronyms of a couple sites i visit one being G&G to see if i could get others together and then decide what to do from there...
  11. I think a geurrilla element is the best defense against a large military group. so i throw on my chest rig, grab my BOB, my wife and she takes my little boy(who is probably crying at this point), and his diaper bag with a few cans of formula. grab all of my guns and start loading up the explorer with all of it(the car is in the garage btw) throw in the extra can of fuel that i have, all of 4 cases of bottled water i have(mainly for the little one's bottles). I'm gonna just drive, not provoke the enemy at this point, for 2 reasons. If i start darting off and no one starts shooting at me then they're probably a large military. If they do then thats bad considering I am no threat to them at that point. I try and get the truck back in a wooded area where i know there's a creek with running water. and if i cant then i just dismount, leave the truck and make a few trips to get everything down to a spot that is well defendable. Once i find my spot i immediately mark it in the GPS and leave the wife and baby with a the AR so she can defend herself to any enemy threat. If cell phone's dont work i have a couple radios and extra battery's in my BOB. turn em on and head back out with nothing more than the AK and maybe an extra mag. this is strictly a recon mission. i do a quick recon of the surrounding area to get the lay of the land. then from there i just do security patrols around and around and going a little farther out each time. The wife and baby can sleep while i patrol and then stand watch when i sleep. after a few days hopefully i will have recruited another family or two and can start my mission. the girls have to learn how to shoot without shooting real fast. i'll have my wife teach em basic fundementals of shooting. all theyre doing is defending the base camp. I take the guys and train them on basic basic military tactics and hand signals. after i feel comfortable we will start heading back out into the city and start turning into terrorists at this point. recon missions getting supplies and what not. picking our battles, setting up basic explosives and sniping out people and retreating. break down their moral and they wont even want to stay. the more time goes by the more people i recruit and the more rogue elements we have moving around the city killing the enemy. this continues until they or i am dead.

    forgot to add, always reinforcing base camp. if i ditched the explorer, rig that mother to BLOW!!!!!!

    edit:i second that martin, take off all afghan vet/USMC/NRA stickers on the car before i head out
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  12. Martin Rage

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    The scenario was not that they are killing all unarmed civilians just those trying to be heroes.
  13. holy ****, the supremely viable 10/22 is still getting ridiculed. YES!!! I completely forgot about that one
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    Like I said, I would mourn the loss of my kids when I could... my daughter is a tough arse cookie she will not go quietly, and if she start then my sons instinct to "protect family" at all costs will kick in... the family they hang out with will protect them to the bitter end. If the invading force starts shooting at one they will not stop there... they will continue till nothing moves within a house that means man, women and child if people start resisting. There is nuthing for them to gain or lose if they kill inocents, they are taking this land by force for their own gain and for their own people. No one would stand in there way except the military, and unfortunately for me if they come up from "Mexico" and are as far as my house, then they have already over ran one military base, Fort Huachuca. its a fairly big base, pretty spread out. just thinking logistics of the matter.
  15. larmus

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    the supremely viable 10/22 will live forever!!!!!
  16. ^you have no idea how happy that just made me. i'm giggling like a little school girl right now
  17. I know i used to do tactical decision games all the time. i'm sure Martin has done his fair share as well. In the Marines it gets the lowest private in the mindset that if something should happen to your squad leader, your team leader and whoever else gets waxed and your all that's left, you have to think. Details are not important. Take the situation i'm giving you, and put it in your scenario. where you live, the surroundings you have. Someone else might say something that triggers an idea for you that you never thought of. ALL Military tactics are almost pointless againt a group of people who know the area with a small basis of tactics and are fighting for their lives. BO locations are great, planning ahead is great. but plans always go to hell and people have to get out of the mindset of, "oh, i've got 2 BO locations, where me and my buddy's can meet up and hold it down" b/c next thing you know your buddy, joe schmoe, took contact and ran straight to your BO location with enemy on his tail and now the enemy is holding down your perfectly defendable BO location.
  18. larmus

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    +100 on that YugoM59/66!!
  19. Dragunov

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    I have five minutes.

    I My older daughter and I would retrieve firearms and prop a ladder to the roof, while calling my neighbor. In the meantime, my younger daughter and wife would fill 20 or thirty molotov cocktails from a pre mix and move them up the ladder to the roof.

    My older daughter and I would grab strippers, rifles and magazines then head for the roof. My neighbors (2) would climb to the top of my roof. The instant the group became visible, they'd find themselves and the surrounding area covered with an extremely flammable, sticky paste that has been ignited. The rest would be shot with "supremely viable" AR15s and SKS' as they were scattering around to avoid burning to death.

    My place is in an ideal location to make this a good tactic.
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  20. 338RUM

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    Well in 5 minutes I would have to grab one of my fishing poles and tackle box, 3 rifles one is my 20 ga shotgun, another is my wife's 7.62x39, and the 3rd would have to be my M&P 9mm. then throw all of this stuff in my explorer (which is already loaded with most of my BO equipment) then if I have enough time come back inside for a few reloading components for the 7.62 and 9mm and whatever food I can throw into my truck and then immediately book *** up the mountain to the state park and find a decent place to BO for a bit