Tail wagging the dog?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rave, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Rave

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    I have been watching Fox Cable News as I think something important is going on right now concrening Iraq.
    Listening to mr. Chaney and President Bush who say the list of terrorist countries is up to 12 and Iraq is the most dangerous,(How about N. Korea and china?)and we must get Sadam before he has weapons of mass destruction with a pre-emptive strike,(which is,I understand,illegal under our Constitution as it isn't detrimental to our country like the invasion of Kuaite was(a threat to our oil supply.)
    Does this sound like something Clinton would do?Maybe,maybe not.
    I know it sounds outrageous,so let's stop and think about it.
    Sadam is reportedly paying families of suicide bombers a hefty sum to bomb Iraelies,the N.Koreans and Red China are doing all kinds of crap too.How about England and Ireland?How about all those African countries?India and Pakistan?Bin Ladin hiding in Pakistan?
    Most important of all....how come the media is supporting Mr.Bush?You know they normally gig him and any conservative every chance they get.But they are supporting his every word,even though no one else in the world is.
    Darn it,think about it!
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  2. BenP

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    Clinton never had the backbone for it. His idea of warfare was whatever it took to get him outta the limelight he was in for being the philandering oaf. In fact, any time he started something was probably at Hilary's insistance.

    I don't know what you're getting at here, but we are walking off the deep end. He's pushing us, and I think it's about time. I'm so fed up with how things have been going I'm ready to tell the rest of the world to kiss our *****! Things can't stay going as they are right now, so I welcome change. If you think GW has an alterior motive to somehow use this as a platform to continue attacking our rights, I'd say he's wasting his time going to all this trouble. He could easily dispense with the majority of our rights now, and we probably wouldn't put up enough of a fight to even make the world news. I give us another 50 to 80 years and our entire world population will be socialist, including this country. We just can't help ourselves. Life is hard, and we're inclined to look for the least path of resistance. It's just the way we're made. Given the choice, would you rather live in a tent in the middle of a swamp, or a nice house with running water and electricity and heat for the rest of your life? See what I mean.

    Being the Christian soul that I am, I dunno what to expect. But then again, it don't really matter much, do it now?

  3. johno

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    i voted for bush not just to be anti gore, but i genuinely liked the guy. he did well in the few months after sep. 11, but after that he started going too far. we need fewer bearacracies, not more, and the whole security thing has gotten out of hand. i'd rather keep all my rights even if it means a stray terrorist getting through now and then. what you're saying does make sense, and it does bother me a bit. hitler created a crisis in germany in order to make himself dictator.
  4. 7mmag6

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    ok guys i am taking the alternate position, I work at a National lab wont tell you where, there is a few ways to make nuclear weapons, little boy the uranium bomb used at heroshima was about 10 kilotons, using enriched uranium, fat man was about 30 kilotons with pu 239 as the fission product, to make pu you need a reactor, fortunatly the isrealis bombed the reactor in damascus in about 1982, and put the bite on pu fission weapons in Iraq, however during the inspections after the gulf war, the inspections teams destoyed many uranium centrifuges, designed to convert raw uranium to weapons grade uranium, its been 10 years since any inspection teams have been to iraq. Iraq has a good concentration of mineable uranium, its not hard to make a fissionable weapon about the size of little boy, maybe 200kg of weapons grade uranium, I an convinced, the iraqi scientific agencies, have cobbled together enough weapons grade uranium for a few fission weapons, enough to threaten our allies in the mideast and to threaten our safety here, saddam has got to go
  5. Stewart

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    I agree with your logic 7mmmmag, I believe that there are probably quite a few very nasty toys that Iraq has been able to develop and hid over the past few years. Even when inspections were taking place it was pretty obvious that they were still hiding, and probably moving things around.

    Do I want Saddam to have Nukes? Heck No! I do understand the argument though that says "how can you attack someone just because you don't like the weapons they have?" If some other country tried to attack use to remove our nukes what would we do? Obviously there is a huge difference in the mental stability of the U.S. vs a Saddam Hussain and no doubt he is more of a threat with these weapons then without them. This has the potential to be a pretty ugly can of worms if and when it is opened.
  6. Rave

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    I'm not really getting at anything,I 'm trying to stimulste thought,but there is aparrantly not too much interest here,that's O.K.,on to somethink else.:cool
  7. Rave

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    Well I don't think we can afford to go it alone even if we had to,which we don't. We really don't have any business doing it at all,sticking our big fat,over-stuffed noses where they don't belong just because we can.We are crazy if we think we can keep it up for the long haul.
    If you want to put your future and your kids and grand kids into a big time tar baby you are not only stupid,you are also selfish and self centered!
    Now,that should stir the pot!

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  8. Rave

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    Well,Looks like I'm wrong again,not the first time,and I'm sure it won't be the last.
    No problem,what I consider important is not neccessarally what others do.To each his own.:confused: :confused: :confused: