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    Does any one think that it would happen that thousands if not millions of pi$$ed off Americans could rise up and over throw our current Government and get back to basics.
    What I'm talking about is taking up arms against our oppressors ( that might not be the right word)and cleaning house of all the corruption and greed that is running our country?
    I'm not sure that I'm getting what I'm trying to say across,I'm just tired of a government that is running amuck,and in what I believe is trying to to turn this country into a communist state.
  2. Mmmm,

    there are millions upon millions of Americans who wish for a return to a nation based upon freedom and honor.

    However, in the realpolitik scenario the Tea Partiers have yet to field the candidates they need in most states plus the best political friend of the democratic party is the brain dead Republican National Committee.

    It will be a stretch for the Republicans to take control of the House in November. So far the best the opposition can do is yap about discontent with the Obamaists yet they do nothing to bring forth plans of interest to the middle class voters.

    Political reality is very depressing.

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    you say you want a revolution... well we all want to hear the plan.

    not gonna happen, it takes a cause, dedicated people (about 100's of thousands), communication, and the will to sacrifice for the cause. sure we have a large number of gun owners, some are even willing to fight, but with out strength in numbers of like minded individuals...it ain't gonna happen.
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    In some locations you have far more who want increased entitlements, reparations and government subsidies; in short, they want socialism so they can do nothing except exist.
  5. Jason I think if the people of our once great nation ever do unite yet that may be impossible because of groups springing up wanting there own persoanl right's and Libertys maybe the military will step in. I want say over thrown but put a halt to the destruction of our country by those in office now and hold new elections and the people decideing what direction we want to go and have new rules for those we elect.
    An important thing we have to do is pass more rules to bind who is in office to hold them to a higher standard the people decide. If they can't do that or they get caugth not doing it, this may seem harsh but they should recieve the death penalty.

    Our country has been trashed by both democrates and republican's thus the need for harsh rules due to the past corruption's, dishonesty, selling out this nation and it's citicens, to put it simple there crooks.

    They should pay a price for this and a strong price because of who they are and who they Failed to represent.

    Another thing most of the members here are like minded that this nation needs to purge many from office and elect people that will up hold the constitution and do what is in the best interest of our country and to the benifit of the people.

    I mentioned "groups" springing up above ^ We also need to shut down these groups that can't intergrate into our system.
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    Did someone say Revolution?

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzkerg_0_Ec&feature=related"]YouTube- Spacemen 3 "Revolution"[/ame]
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    We need to make being a politician a SERVICE to our country NOT a CAREER that they are willing to f*** the american people out of anything and everyhing just to get re elected, i think its complete bullshit what they are doing to the country and im just a youngster and ive noticed in the passed 5-10 years the spiral has started to gain momentum and were plummeting faster and faster into something we can no longer fix... I really hope we can turn this around, but im beginning to doubt it, its the start to the end were rotting from the inside out...
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    Hang in there. Even if the "revolution" starts now, (and I mean at the polls), it will be the youth of this country that will bring it to an end and be up to them to make sure it takes. The minority "ruling elite" of this country must be made powerless and kept that way. This country belongs to the people and, right or wrong, the majority voice of the people were meant to be the ones in control.
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    NO I do not think that there will be a revolution, not in my lifetime, nor do I think there should be. Not yet anyway. Yes this country has some issues. Our country isn’t perfect but it’s a far cry better than any other I can think of. Unfortunately this country IS run by special interests and lobbyists (more so than politicians), and don’t forget that includes the NRA which is one of the largest lobbying groups in DC. This is not corruption, it is our system. We, as citizens and voters, should do whatever we can to eliminate and remove corruption, where it really exists, but I don’t think armed resistance is the answer. We can’t pick and choose which special interest is the right one. We need to operate within the confines of our system, (join the NRA for example, or any other lobbying group or organization you feel represents your interests the best). We are a long way from needing armed revolution.

    Current statistics, (June 2010 was the latest I could find), show that about 60% of voters say that they should remove THEIR OWN respective representatives. That is a good thing. It means that many people realize that the government needs to be improved and, perhaps more important, they realize that THEIR OWN representative may be part of the problem. The issue is that the reasons people are unhappy is all over the map. Some of us feel that there is too much government, too many freebies and hand outs, too many hits to our civil liberties, (like me for example), but some others think the government needs to give them more; more health care, more welfare, and more opportunity to sit on their butts and live off those of us that work for a living. So even if there is a groundswell of unhappiness, it isn’t all for the same reasons.

    So, what do we do? We learn as much as possible about our representatives and their challengers. We choose to vote based on real information and not emotion, (although, unfortunately, it seems we are most often asked to choose between the lesser of two evils). We do our best to affect the government within the system as it exists. We need to support legislation that forces government transparency and accountability and we need to be willing to unseat our own representatives, at every level, when they are not up to the task. It may not be perfect, but it’s what we have.

    One more thing to contemplate: forums like this, let alone topics of this nature, can’t even exist in many countries. How lucky are we Americans that we can discuss, in the open, our dissatisfaction with our government? I’m not ready to take up arms against her just yet. :usa2:
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    I can't speak for everyone who wants healthcare reform, but I don't want the government to 'give' me anything. I want them to act as my advocate and say to the medical field 'here we have 30 Million people. you want their money you are gonna give them a good price'

    it's not in the insurance companies best interest to cover people who are sick, i understand that. which is why the insurance companies should not be in the medical arena, they can insure you to get help walking your dog if your gonna be bed bound for tthree months, or help pay for taxi fare to the hospital. I guess that's what Aflac does.

    Right now I have the best insurance in the country (except congress) but I have friends who will be destroyed if the wrong thing happens. it doesn't make me feel good.