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Oklahoma's Governor Brad Henry and Attorney General Drew Edmondson are fighting for gun owners. The state of Oklahoma is appealing a judge's decision that said the state's law allowing legal gun owners to leave their firearms locked in their car while at work conflicts with the federal OSHA law, and that's good news. Oklahoma was one of the first states in the country to pass such legislation, only to see it caught up in a legal fight that's lasted for years.

In the meantime, other states have followed Oklahoma's lead.

You shouldn't give up your constitutional rights just because your employer is anti-gun. We wouldn't tolerate a company firing someone for having a Bible in their car, yet some companies have claimed they have the right to terminate you if you have ANYTHING they disapprove of in your vehicle parked on company property.

These companies moan about property rights for businesses, but ignore the rights of individuals. I'm glad to see the state of Oklahoma isn't backing down from this challenge, and I hope they prevail in their appeal.

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