Taking the CZ American to Camp Perry

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    We have put together a crew to travel to Perry for the National CMP Sporter Match on July 20th. I am going to use my CZ 452 American with a Sightron 6X42 HBRII.


    Wish I could shoot a score like my February score from our local monthly match:


    We tend to simply staple new centers over the last one rather than change full targets for each string. So, the bottom target tells the story.


    Hope I can hold that steady at the show. However, I have heard the conditions (wind, rain, almost 300 CMP Sporter shooters, etc) can be challenging. Man, it ought to make a heck of a roadtrip for us no matter how well we shoot.
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    wow that is some good shooting^^ nice rifle and good luck at camp perry

  3. Danny Creasy

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    Thanks. We will need it.
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    Best of luck to ya, but most of all, have fun.
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    you brought the right gun buddy!
  6. Best of luck to you this July at Camp Perry.

    As for the image of the target you posted, what range were you shooting at? Is that the same as what it will be at Camp Perry also?
  7. Danny Creasy

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    Yes, we shoot the identical (right by the book) CMP Sporter Match at our club on the fourth Saturday of each month. We really like this match. It is one of the best venues ever conceived to teach all around rifle marksmanship skills. The course of fire is:

    10 rounds in 10 minutes fired prone at 50 yards

    10 rounds rapid fire at 50 yards fired in two mini 30 second strings (25 seconds for semi-autos) - start standing then go to prone.

    10 rounds in 10 minutes fired from sitting or kneeling at 50 yards.

    10 rounds rapid fire at 50 yards fired in two mini 30 second strings (25 seconds for semi-autos) - start standing then go to sitting or kneeling.

    10 rounds in 10 minutes fired offhand with no sling allowed from 25 yards.

    10 rounds rapid fire at 25 yards fired in two mini 30 second strings (25 seconds for semi-autos) - start standing with rifle butt at hip level.

    And, their is a 10 minute sighter string at the beginning in which the shooter can fire an unlimited number of shots from the position(s) of his/her choice.

    The target seems large and unchallenging to the casual observer. But, when they try the match and especially experience the rapid fire strings they usually get hooked on the match. It is like the best video games in that they are easy to play and hard to master.

    The rifle and sights (open, peep, or scope) cannot exceed a weight of 7.5 lbs and the trigger has to be capable of lifting a three pound weight without releasing. The magazine and sling can be detached for the weigh in. There is "O class" for open sighted rifles and there is the "T class" for rifles equipped with scopes or peep sights.
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  8. Great shooting
    Beautiful Rifle
    Good luck at Camp Perry
  9. Sounds like a great time sheffieldshootr. I wish they had a place like that near me let alone one that had/has matches like that. As i previously said, good luck in July. Be sure and post the results, no matter what they are.

    And are all of you guys, the ones going with you, all shooting in the same class using the same caliber? What rifles, if other then what you have, brand and caliber wise, do they all have, just your group? If it isn't too much trouble. lol
  10. Danny Creasy

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    Yes, at this time we have four committed to go and preregistered for the Sporter Match.

    Dwight is using an Izhmash Biathlon Basic with a Leupold EFR on it.
    Richard is taking a CZ Classic which was the forunner to the American with a Nikon fixed four on it.
    Andrew is competing in "O class" with his CZ Ultra Lux.
    And, myself with the American.

    We are also excited about hosting our first sanctioned CMP Sporter Match at our own range on May 24th. Hope we have a good turnout. Since it is sanctioned, our scores will count for official CMP recording.

    We are kinda rimfire crazy at my club with a different .22 match every Saturday morning. Here is a rundown of our fun .22 matches (CZs are popular - trying to stay at least partly with the theme of this forum :rolleyes:):

    I will list the title of the match, the date it is shot on, the coarse of fire, and the match's rules pertaining to the appropriate firearm type and equipment.

    [​IMG] Fifty Fifty Sporter

    First Saturday - 10 AM for November through March and 9 AM for April through October.

    From 50 yards the shooter engages 50 metallic silhouettes with 50 rounds of .22 short, long, or long rifle ammo in two 25 shot strings of 10 minutes each. The winner leaves the fewest metallic animals standing. Fired offhand and unsupported with the use of a sling prohibited. Classes - optic sight, open sight, and Prairie Doggin for shooters 12 and under or 70 and over.

    These matches have gotten quite popular and we average between 10 and 20 shooters. The match has been featured in the Times Daily sports section. We have added extra racks as of late to enable us to move more shooters through at a faster rate. We have run up to five racks with five shooters in each string (of course).

    The rifle must be a .22 "sporter" with the match coordinator holding the right to reject questionable rifles. No palm rests or thumb-hole stocks are allowed. We have scales on hand and the rifle's weight with its scope and/or peep or open sights must not exceed 8.5 lbs. Triggers must simply be "safe". The rifles detachable box magazine must be removed before weigh in. Tube repeaters are cleared and then weighed. Peep/receiver sighted rifles must compete in the optic sighted class.

    [​IMG]Twenty-five Fifty Pistol

    Second Saturday - same start times

    Same as the 50/50 rifle match save for the fact that it is fired from 25 instead of 50 yards and pistols and revolvers are used instead of long guns. Any safe .22 pistol or revolver is eligible and we offer the same classes as above.

    This match is dominated by open sighted .22 semi automatic handguns with scopes offering little advantage other than to those with vision problems. It moves quicker than the rifle match(just because most shooters are taking only 3 or 4 minutes of the allocated 10 minute time frame) and we have experienced growth similar to the sporter match. We used three racks last Saturday.

    [​IMG]USBR Rimfire Benchrest

    Third Saturday - same start times

    This is a 50 yard bench rest match for .22 rifles. It is an extreme accuracy sport with equipment playing as much of as a part as marksmanship. We go by USBR rules and shoot their sporter and unlimited classes. The target is a 28 bull paper target of very high quality paper. The shooter has twenty minutes to fire unlimited sighters at the top three bulls and 25 shots for score on the lower 25 bulls (one each). We have thrown in semi-auto and two buck a box classes (cheap ammo) for fun. The results are highly dependent each month on the wind, humidity, light, and temperature. But, at least everybody is usually in the same boat.

    Please refer to the USBR's official website for the specific rules. However, I will go ahead and point out that the USBR Factory Sporter Class restricts the rifle's weight with scope to 8.5 lbs and the rules basically require that the rifle must be a mass produced sporter with limited trigger work and stock bedding allowed. The trigger mod's are limited to filing and polishing and spring replacement. For example, the tube that sleeves the trigger pivot pin in a CZ Brookes trigger kit is not allowed. Of course, a replacement trigger like the Timney, Rifle Basix, etc is out as well. The Unlimited Class is well, unlimited. Interestingly enough both classes allow any power of scope. I would advise at least a 24 to 36 power scope for either class. The target's ten ring is only a tenth of an inch in diameter!

    [​IMG] CMP Sporter

    Fourth Saturday - same start times.
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  11. Thank you for taking the time to fully explain and let me know who all will be using what. Sounds like a great time to me. Wish I were there or at least going. lol But as I was always told, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one you have more of. lmao I always hated hearing that but it is indeed the truth. You can wish all you want, they never come true.
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    how did the shoot at camp perry go?
  13. Danny Creasy

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    Well, since you asked.

    Here is my range match report that I posted on our local club website:

    Team NASA is home safe and sound. We headed out from Oak Harbor at about 6:30 AM this morning picked up Karen in Dayton and had brunch with my girls (they still have a couple of weeks left in Columbus) and pulled in at about 5:45 this evening. Karen and I just got back from turning in the van that the club rented for the team. The van drove great and its availability due to the clubs generocity is most appreciated.

    We each bought a tank of gas and split our lodging four ways to make the trip quite affordable. I had checked on the internet for lodging in the area because we really did not want to stay in the on base huts. After surfing the usual hotel and motel options at Port Clinton and the like, I paged over some and found a mom and pop type hunting and fishing lodge. It is run by a couple of neat characters that were great hosts and provide a great service for a reasonable price. We will engage them for next years team as well.

    We arrived on Friday at about 6 pm eastern time and finally located the lodge among the miles and miles and miles of corn fields and farm houses that cover this region of Ohio. Ron and his wife Deeter made us welcome and we decided to drive over for supper in Oak Harbor and then pull a recon of Camp Perry before sunset (around 9 up there). We found the historic range and were surprised by its fine condition and relatively compact size. But, its all there, 1000 yard range, 600 yard range, rimfire prone ranges, pistol ranges, air rifle range, and the new indoor air rifle range.

    On Saturday we took in some local sites, registered for the match, got our rifles approved, and attended the Sporter Clinic. The briefing was informative and helpul and the three position demonstration by Olympic Gold Metalist, Gary Anderson, was one of the highlights of the trip. We drew AM slots for the second of the four relays for Sunday's Match and then had supper in Port Clinton. We returned to the lodge and all sat around in the large family room of our quarters and practiced our sitting positions and made our equipment checks.

    We arrived at the 1000 yard range for the quick mandatory 8 am safety briefing, drew our seven targets, and then watched the first relay. The first relay had a steady drizzle and some wind for their shooting. As soon as they finished and cleared the line, we were called to the line. There are 80 shooters in a relay and I was 52, John was 53, Andrew was 54, and Dwight was 55. We carried our targets down the awe inspiring 1000 yard range and placed the sighter target in the stand and the other six numbered targets on the ground where a brick was provided to keep them from blowing off. All seven full size targets are each pre-pasted to uniform cardboard backers that slide into the wooden sporter target stands at the 50 yard line. That was the last time we would touch our targets until well after our relay was finished. The Ohio National Guard (it's actually their base) provided soldiers to change and retrieve the targets after each of the six strings. They are taken to the scoring area as they are pulled. Sweet, huh?.

    I have to tell you my heart was pounding. Heck, this was the big show, time to put up or shut up, a dream, a thrill, IT...... I new that the best thing to do to calm down was to start shooting. "Load five rounds, with unlimited shots in ten minutes, START". I proceeded to put fifteen rounds in the ten ring. I did not want to stop shooting until I was dead zeroed in the X-ring and drilling it consistently. Then - this is fun - its the same match I love and know so well. I was having a blast.

    First, slow prone. They are right about the Perry winds. The rain had stopped for our relay and it was about 75 degrees and overcast. Perfect right? Well, there are these wind gusts that either come in at 12 o'clock, quarter in from 10/11 or squill straight across from 9 o'clock. I can call my shots most of the time. And, I called 10 X-ring quality releases that yielded a 100-7X. The three nines were low. That's fine - a 100-7X for my first scored target at Perry is A-okay.

    Rapid fire prone next. Felt like a machine, cranked out ten shots that felt about as good as any rapid fire belly shots that I have ever fired. 95-3X. Well that hurt a little. But, no double feeds, only one eight, and the two nines were close. Gotta drill those slow sitting rounds. Need a 100 there.

    Come on Danny you can do it. Had eight tens and then flat pulled one close in 9 at 11 o'clock. "Well, that will be enough of that". Breath, relax, aim, sight, and squeezzzze. Nailed an X for and 99-6X. I'll take it.

    The killer diller. Rapid sitting. Just don't screw up. Smooth. Felt good. But, was mystified to see no 10s. It is harder to make out black hits with the scope. I wish I had taken a couple of seconds in-between the two five shot mini-strings to check the hits. They were all to the right in a three inch group. I looked at the twenty foot flags at the 1000 yard line and saw the big red flags starched out to the right. I looked at Dwight. He was disgusted as well. Almost identical problem and a little lower. I later discovered there was one ten, 8 nines, and an eight for a 90-0X.

    Moved up to 25 yards. A little discourgaged. But, dang it I am going to finish strong. The bulls are around six feet up in the air. From the 50 yard line we were shooting on a neat little elevated berm but from the 25 yard line, you kinda aim up hill. To give you a better picture of this, the tables they have for you to shoot from at 25 yards are in no danger of getting hit by a prone or sitting shot. I dropped one point on slow and two on rapid. No excuses. Those points down do add up. Wow, its over.

    We went and grabbed a bite of lunch, checked out the CMP Store. Bought ammo. Dwight purchased two 1000 yard targets - wait until you see those. We returned to the scoring area, checked the wall of pain. Moaned and groaned. Shuffled through the hundreds of targets for ours. Checked em out. I asked for one marginal 9 to be plugged. It was still a nine. [​IMG] One best check em though. Dwight picked up one entire target's score and then 11 more points by this inspection and review process.

    Butler, Andrew (90055)
    Bolt Action
    CZ 452 Ultra Lux
    93 - 2X
    91 - 1X
    79 - 0X
    85 - 0X
    90 - 2X
    87 - 1X
    525 - 6X (Bronze)
    Butler, John (90994)
    Bolt Action
    CZ452 UltraLux
    83 - 0X
    60 - 0X
    72 - 0X
    45 - 0X
    90 - 2X
    89 - 0X
    439 - 2X (no medal - next year - yes)

    Creasy, Daniel (90056)
    Bolt Action
    CZ 452 American
    100 - 7
    95 - 3
    99 - 5
    90 - 0
    99 - 6
    98 - 5
    581 - 26 (Gold)
    Pilkilton, Dwight (40214)
    Bolt Action
    97 - 5
    96 - 3
    97 - 2
    86 - 0
    98 - 6
    98 - 5
    572 - 21 (Silver)

    Andrew shot for a bronze but wanted a silver. John just simply had a bad day. He is capable of much better and he will do just that next year and all year in between at our matches. Dwight could not find that "Dwight Groove" we all have witnessed at times. We are all going to pay more attention to the wind next year. We are going to start shooting the targets "up hill" from 25 yards as well.

    We all wish we could have done it again. Maybe the two rifle "0" and "T" option does make alot of since. It is a long day, you can shoot relay one and relay three or two and four, or one and two, or three and four. Heck it's fun and these Yankees don't know what "hot" is [​IMG] . But, they are very nice people, with alot of class, and they run a fantastic match.

    Our old RFC friend Warren from North Carolina won the T Class. You could not ask for a nicer guy. He has missed it by a hair more than once in the past. Well deserved Warren.

    We stepped up, we shot, God watched over us all 1600 miles, we got a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze (as I promised), and it was great.

    I know my sitting position is less than perfect but its the best I can do with the bad knees and the big belly :rolleyes:
    Gold, Silver, and Bronze for me, Dwight, and Andrew from left to right.

    Yall should try it sometime.

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