Talk to me about Texas and the south in general?

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  1. I am getting ready to enlist in the Army or Marines in 9 or so weeks from now. I am trying to pick where I would like to request as my first post and im a little stuck. I have only lived in 2 states in 20 years I was in California when I was little and I have lived in Washington state since the 4th grade. I hate the weather in Washington I want to live someplace warmer and dryer, with the excclusion of California the south looks perfect. I have my eye on Texas as my number one southern state only because its the one ive heard the most about. I am considering a couple other choices in the south so feel free talk about your states if your out side of Texas.

    I would like to know what is like to live in Texas.
    1 what is the weather like?
    2 What are the major Army/Marine bases where are they in relation to major cities and what are they like if anyone has been in side?
    3 What if any are the Gunlaws in Texas?
    4 What is their to do in Texas for fun like night clubs, hunting, swiming ect ect?
    5 What kinds of bugs and snakes are there in Texas in particularly spiders and are they dangerous?
    6 is it true Texas has the best chili and steaks in the world lol?
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    If you want hot and dry, that's West Texas. If you want hot and muggy as hell, with all the bugs you can eat, that's East Texas and the rest of The South.

    Snakes, there's the rattlesnakes, copperheads, water moccasins, and in Florida the coral and sea snakes.

    Spiders, gotta watch out for the Black Widows and Fiddlebacks (Brown Recluse), maybe some others.

    Then there's the local boys....[​IMG]

  3. lol im not to worried about the local boys washington state has plenty of modern rednecks well they would be rednecks if we actually got enough sun to cause a burn lol. Anyway I really think that the whole stereotype about rednecks is overblown and normally fake. I went to school with the worlds biggest redneck is what most would call him but he was a great guy. If you look passed his mullet and obsession with pimping out his lawn mower which could go over 45 miles a hour and had a wheelie bar you would see hes actually pretty smart and over all fun person to be around.
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    Thank you ahead of time for your service to be. There are few higher callings in life.

    1. It varies alot--Texas in area is huge. Generally hot typical of the SW. Coastal areas humid with fog and muggy; DFW area can be same. AMA area high plains, and ELP "New Mexico" ish. Many AF and Army bases in the San Antonio area; this area is moderately humid and somewhat hot. Many thunderstorms with high tops; tornadoes are common across most of the state. Hail too, especially in west Texas.

    2. Texas is very military friendly. Many bases are in the San Antonio area, and, among others, have Sheppard AFB at Wichita Falls and Carswell in Fort Worth. Texans all are very supportive of our military.

    3. Gun laws are generally pretty good; not as good as AK or maybe AZ or NM or VT. Open carry is not permitted. Concealed Handgun Licenses are issued on a "shall issue" basis with training and qualification required. The military gets special benefits in some circumstances. Here's the DPS website:
    Texas Department of Public Safety - Regulatory Licensing Service Concealed Handgun Licensing

    This has good info for getting your CHL. You are allowed to carry a loaded concealed handgun in a vehicle without a permit, so long as it's not directly on your person and remains concealed. You must also not be involved in a crime other than routine traffic stops.

    4. Many outdoor activities, nightlife, etc.

    5. TX has some scorpions, black widow spiders, many brown recluse spiders (know this for a fact), and some rattlesnakes. Snakes in general avoid the populated areas, but can be a threat. We had quite a bit of the recluses in Wichita Falls. Not a real big deal, but use some caution.

    6. Chili is good, but the Kentucky Chili I had beat it. Best steaks though--Joe allens in ABI, big tx in AMA, many, many others (take your pick)

    Again, welcome and thank you.
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    Honestly, I think Austin has some of the best scenery and weather in Texas. If I had to pick right now I'd probably settle in the outskirts of Austin. The only thing that bugs me about Austin is that there needs to be more highways. It gets crowded when UT is in session around the rush hour times. Otherwise it's a really unique city with lots of live music and good food. The bats usually eat all the mosquitoes so you don't have to worry about it as much as other places. Gun laws are great. You don't have to worry about them. Usually people don't have a problem when you mention you have a gun. Austin is a little more hippy but I've never had a problem there either. There are night clubs galore on 6th street and nobody leaves the pool during the summer lol. I don't hunt but I hear the feral pigs are a big thing in Texas. We have the normal run of the mill bugs. You just might experience a HUGE cockroach...that flies...every once in a while and especially during the summer. And yes to #6.
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    The southern US is so good that the **** Yanks wouldn't let us leave without much bloodshed. Lincoln even s**t canned the Constitution just to make us stay where we didn't want.

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    Oh, yes, I forgot--Austin's a great party town (6th street). Be careful though (don't overdo it) !

    One of the bars there makes the best dry Martini in the world. Too bad I can't remember its name (but I can "find my way" there). Not too far from 6th st.
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    +1 accurate and to the point
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  9. Are there any bases by Austin?
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    There's one in Killeen which isn't too far from Austin.
  11. Changed days in the forces or has it?
    You could rest assured in the British forces that the postings you would like were never where they would send you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Officer, " Sarn't Major, how are the men"?
    SM, " Sir, the men are fine, sir".
    Officer "Well, SM, "F*ck them about a bit! Carry on"!!!
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    Must be the Military has changed slightly, since I first went in.

    Last I knew, they will tell YOU where your first post or base will be, you can request the moon if you want, but I think you will go where they need you and where they will get the best return on their investment and where they have available opening for your MOS.

    Good Luck though and no matter where you end up, there are a ton of strangers waiting to be your friend. If you end up in the South, wear your Dress Blues to Church on Sunday and the Fathers will introduce you to their daughters and invite you over for supper. Works better than the Bar scene.
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    I live on the coast of Texas and it's great. It is hot for the best part of the year. My first duty station in the navy, after boot and aviation school was in Spain. I loved it! I put anywhere in Europe on my dream sheet and got it. Try and get outside the U.S so you can see how the rest of the world lives. Have fun!

    HARDERTR Guest

    that "wish list" is just that....wishful thinking. Don't get too wrapped around the idea of going where you would like to live.

    I was stationed at Ft. Hood in Killeen for 3 years. It is pretty awesome for hunting and fishing. Bow hunting is best (sign into an area and it basically belongs to you for the day). Rifle hunting is by assigned blind (you win a location by lottery, then the guide takes you and about 9 other guys out to assigned blinds in your area). Hunting leases in Texas are the way to go if you have the time/money.

    If you DO luck into getting Texas, I would say there's a 90% chance you'll get Ft Hood (enroute to Iraq or Afghanistan) Your MOS (Military Occupational Skill - Job) will also dictate where you can be stationed. Most times, a soldier doesnt have much control over where they go for the 1st assignment. I know the Air Force is a little more "caring", and I don't know much about how the Marines and Navy work assignment locations.

    Bottom line - if you do end up in Hood, you'll like it if you enjoy hunting and fishing. Chances are, you'll end up in Iraq within a year though, depending on which unit you get assigned to.
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    Where did you get the picture of my sister?????:34:
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    TXplt is right! Let me illustrate something: I work at Sheppard AFB in north central texas, about 150 miles NW of Fort Worth. I walked out of the office for a smoke yesterday morning, the sky was dark, the morning air was cool and our grounds contractor had just spread fertilizer crystals, so the sidewalk was well-dotted. Not even realizing the date or anything, my first thought was, "****! I didn't get the e-mail about the ice warning!" That's Texas for you! As the Texas tourism folks say, "Texas - it's a whole 'nother country..."

    (I know, Steve! You Alaskans can divide into four and Texas will be the fifth largest state!)

    On that same subject, as much as I hate to admit it, for all the folks who've been stationed there, Alaska is their favorite assignment! And many of the active-duty types I work with have Alaska on their "dream sheets" for assignments. Don't know why! (I haven't smelled anybody smoking lutefisk around here!)

    But if you've narrowed down your choices to either the Army or the Corps, I salute you! I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who go out on the pointy end of our military machine. Whether you wind up wearing ACU desert dust or MARPAT green, God bless you!
  17. Texas is more than a state . . .

    as it is a state of human existence.

    Once a Texan and you will always be someone the others envy.

    From a born in Texas Texan.
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    Thank you for deciding to enlist. My only Texas duty was at San angelo, Goodfellow AFB, and it was closed. And my advice is, don't get your hopes up too much for your first post, just enjoy yourself, wherever they send you. It's an experience of a lifetime. If you enlist in the Corp, you'll have two places for boot camp, MCRD, San Diego, or MCRD, Parris Island. My oldest son is at Camp Lejeune, close to Parris Island, and loves it. But once again, your MOS will dictate where you can be stationed, along with the needs of the service. Enjoy!!!!
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    That is the reason you join the military,so you never have to make any decisions about your life again.They will find just the right place on earth for you. sam.

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    Goodfellow is still open. About 90% of it is used for AIT now. I was an Intel instructor there until April 07, they also have the firefighter school there now. It always seems to be on the list for BRAC cosideration, but survives somehow.