Tapco Buyer at work.

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    As we all know are toys and their accessories are not realy made by elfs at the north pole...besides Santa is not a FFL 01 holder...Well I found this pic of a TAPCO sales rep and some elfs loading up a truck to bring all of good little boys/girls some new toys...Of couse under a ruling by the 9th judical court the term good/bad and no longer be appiled by person(s) real or imagined as a bases for determining the ability to purchase toys.


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  2. Cooooooooooooool. But it looks like Santa needs to load up on sweets so he can bulk up for his sleigh (or is that camel) ride. He had better hurry he only has six months. Those are some very interesting looking crates, I wonder if Santa (Achmed) will bring me one if I'm a good boy? I'll have to wait and see.