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    Haveing recoved from my reported death bed just in time to get to the range :) I realized I did not bore site the scope....I set up 2 Q tarets 3' apart and shoot at the left one...makeing a realy nice 3 shot group on the right target...and after 20 rounds of trying to figure out were my shoots were going I looked at the other taret and made the adjustments. This is a pic of a 100yrd small bore target. I was shooting at 100yrds with a 10-15 mph wind comeing from the 2-3 Oclock. This is a Chinese SKS..THe Tapco Leapers Hi-Rise Scope with a Tasco 3x9 40mm scope. The ammo is Tiger Russian 123gr HP. This is the last 20 or so rounds.:target: The scopemount, scope and shell deflector all worked very well nothing came lose or had to be adjusted.

    As you can see by the pic the Communist rifle, ammo combanation refused to shoot something red?:assult:

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    Not bad at all for the first day out with it -- happy shooting

  3. Doglips,

    I see the problem already. Take the dang scope lens covers off and turn the target rightside up. Dang, get with the program!

    Seriously, not bad really, when you think that center of mass/kill hits is what you want anyway. If the black were anyone's chest they'd be history....fer sure.
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    Close enough for Government work, Doglips....