Taurus Taurus 24/7 G2 .40 S&W

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    Here's my newest addition. Very accurate, smooth action, will have to get a bit more comfortable with the trigger. I don't expect that to be a big issue because practice helps you get the most out of your firearms. Next thing is to get a nice holster and plan another trip to the range. I'll be loading a batch of 180gr HAP for the next trip.
    Oh yes, any of you have a good recommendation for a holster that will fit this pistol? The G2 is a bit wider than other 24/7 pistols.

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  2. variolamajor

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    A few years back I gave serious consideration to getting a G-2 as they looked like a nice improvement for Taurus for which I already have a couple of their guns. I decided I have "enough" pistols already and opted not to get one. lol Glad it seems to be working out for you. I prefer leather belt holsters as they are more accommodating than the non-flexible kydex ones and you can get different models to fit in one.

  3. Wicked109

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    I have a Fobus for my OSS and I like the form, fit and function. My new G2 didn't fit hence my delema. I contacted Fobus and they said the new Evolution TA247 was designed specifically for the G2 so that is still and option. I also wouldn't mind a cordura or tactical holster. I know something will catch my eye in the near future.
  4. Wicked109

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    Got a UTG leg holster, a UTG over the shoulder, and a Uncle Mikes belt holster. I'm happy, I've got options now. My son bought me the Condor MC5 Recon Chest Pack (TAN) that's in the photo above and I'm here to tell you, it's Wicked nice.
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    The weather was super today so I took the Taurus to the range. I guess everyone else thought it was a good day to go to the range because it was packed. Had to wait my turn. In my first post, I mentioned I was going to load up some 180gr HAPs and as expected, they are significantly more accurate than factory loaded 180gr flat point ammo.
    The Taurus 24/7 G2, functioned perfectly, no excessive recoil although it does have more than my 9mm OSS (a bit heaver and a 5.25 inch barrel). I'm still not comfortable with this pistol's trigger (second time shooting it) and I do hope to get used to it as I shoot it more. Oh yes, my groupings were two inches down and right of aim and next time, I'll take a screwdriver to make the necessary adjustments to tweak it in. I also plan to hit the range during a weekday when it won't be so busy giving me time to adjust and evaluate things better. Happy shooting everyone.