Taurus 856 6-shot .38+p revolver on sale

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by K75RT, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Kentucky Gun Company has these on sale in blue/black for $230...they are +P rated and a 6-shot cylinder...I gotta try it...hope I don't get beat up too bad..I like small revolvers, especially in 6-shot ...see how it goes..https://www.kygunco.com/Product/View?ItemNo=132718
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    Holding out for the 3” Defender
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    Looks like a good price on that little firearm.
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    Very nice! And tempting......except for the insane NICS wait right now. That, and I just dropped 9+ bills on a rifle......
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  5. Picked up the Taurus 856 at transfer dealer a few days ago. The trigger and hammer spring kit came from GallowayPrecision.com on Wednesday...Thursday, I detail stripped the revolver..it was a bit gritty internally, I cleaned it and the installed the hammer spring and the trigger return spring. IMHO Taurus has really upped their game with these revolvers. The internals show a lot less tool marks, the hammer strut and trigger return strut were essentially tool mark free. I replaced the springs and cleaned the revolver crane race and re-lubed with new clean oil. I reassembled the revolver and did not care for the trigger return spring..I disassembled and replaced the stock spring and it is much nicer. I took it out and shot it and I am really impressed with the feel and accuracy of this bargain revolver..one thing I like is that a 6-shot K-frame speedloader will reload the cylinder..my really only complaint is that the grips have that "thumb shelf" on both sides...not a fan. It will be removed and reloading the cylinder will be enhanced...the revolver is matte black with fixed sights that are regulated well for heavy bullets. The six shot cylinder is nice and it adds minimal thickness to the revolver... not at all a bad revolver once the spring(s) were replaced^ 20200410_Taurus856.jpg
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    Very nice. I probably wouldn't like that thumb shelf on both sides either...
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    I have an 85 that I am going to try to trade for an 856 at the next gun show. Like the one I have just wanting something new
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