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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by kEN TN, May 19, 2008.

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    I am interested in The Judge but want to get one of the 3" chamber models in either SS or the Lite weight one.
    I checked the local shops and they only had the 2 1/2 inch Chamber models.
    The 3" inch barrel looks like a good one but the Local Gun shop also had the 4" and 6" models in stock. The 6" model was a BIG gun.
    It looks like it would be hard to use it as a car gun.

    Any one have a report on the shooting results with a 4-6" barrel?

    What price have most of the shops been asking on these? I am seeing 460-520 and that seems high for this size Taurus. The local big sports stores, Bass Pro and Sportsmans Warehouse have not been able to keep them in stock. Looks like a winner with this high of demand.

    Ken TN
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    460 is OK--might be able to do better, but pistol has been popular; got mine for low 400's last year. Demand has been high here. 3" version is great -- 4" would be a bit bulkier but still OK for car gun; if you're going to be carrying or car gun, I think either would be fine. Unless you're going to be carrying it alot, I'd get (for the first one at least) the heavier version--Have both, but recoil is stout in the UL for alot of shooting. Personally, I haven't seen the 3" chamber version yet--I don't think it's available in the UL, but might be wrong.

    If you scroll down a bit on this thread and the general firearms -- handguns thread, you'll see quite a few threads on range reports and people's experiences. Mine have been great so far.

    Welcome and enjoy the site as well--lotsa great folks here :)