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  1. I just finished reading a review of the Judge in the latest issue of American Hunter and am not impressed with what I read. Quote "Taurus says The Judge can be used on a limited basis with +P .45 Colt ammo which makes it a formidable gun for protection against any problem in North America." Quote. Another: "The Judge is a revolver designed to handle just about any conceivable wilderness self-defense scenario." And the author article goes on and on about the merits of The Judge ad nauseum. Then I look at several items on page 65 at the bottom of the page. .45 Colt.....250g factory load......Average Velocity-726 fps.....Muzzle Energy ft. lbs--293. This gun is not what I would want to have against a bear-any kind of bear I happen to meet up with in the woods. Maybe OK against a 2-legged animal. I will take my chances with my .44 Magnum or .454 Casul. vs The Judge.
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    I have 2. There are quite a few posts about the Taurus Judge--I think it to be an excellent home/car gun and potentially camping/trail gun if loaded consistent with what you want to do with it. I'd feel undergunned with any handgun vs. almost any bear........but if the evading and everything else got me into a bad situation, it'd beat having nothing at all. It's not (like any other gun) a solution to every problem, nor would I expouse it if a heavier caliber would be warranted. For a GP gun, it's great.

    The .45 std. press. heavy load from Buffalo Bore in the 200 gr GD (2 legged) or 255 gr Keith (2/4 legged) isn't a blaster, nor is it anything to scoff at. I haven't got a definitive answer regarding the +P from Cor-bon or Taurus, so there's no way I'd use it in the gun until I did. The BB +P colt seems way hot, so no way for me unless I hear different from someone I really trust......Anyway, for most of the situations I forsee in my corner of the lower 48, it's plenty.

    For GP defense here in TX, I load mine Bird, Buck, then colts. You could tailor this to your situation. Bird more for snake and really close quarter stuff (I wouln't depend it at all on stopping a hopped-up attacker unless it was a really lucky shot; I do think it'd make someone pretty interested in pursuing other tasks). Buck a bit better -- box o' truth did some tests, but I'm more interested in stopping an attack than anything else. Buck is 3 .36 soft lead balls, moving at 900 or so FPS. I also get some pretty probable hits at close range, even with adverse environmentals. The colts are a good stopper; you can look over the last century if you doubt this.

    If the gun doesn't do what you want it to, don't buy it. It suits our situation, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. I do love shooting it, and it is pretty impressive as a point and shoot on the range. I find this alot more credible than most of the stuff I've read.

    Anyway, welcome and cheers. :)
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    I almost bought one but after shooting a buddies and giving it some thought, I opted for a 6" GP100 instead, just thought it would be a better field & range gun.