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Taurus Taurus Millenium G2 recoil spring assemble

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by Junction15, May 31, 2014.

  1. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist

    My son showed up last night with a nice,brand-new Taurus PT111 in 9mm. Its the Millenium G2 model. We just went out to shoot it, and after about 60 rounds (factory ammo) it was difficult to get it into battery.
    We stripped it and found that the larger diameter spring end has "swelled" and is partially riding over the flange adjacent to the smaller diameter spring. So now it is too large in diameter and binds in the channel.
    It's pretty strange for the spring to do that since the guide rod is a nylon-type material but it looks like the coils must be "crunching" together too hard and the spring end is being forced over the next coil.

    The ammo is standard velocity Remington FMJs so I doubt it is too hot for the pistol. It's a pretty accurate gun.

    It seems like the best and fastest solution will be to purchase a new guide rod assembly from Taurus (about $8 according to informal sources), then send back the defective one for a replacement.

    Has anyone else had, or know of anyone with similar issues in a Taurus?
    Does anyone know of aftermarket recoil spring assemblies?

    I used to have a 24/7 Pro LS in 45ACP that shot incredibly well and I used it in pistol matches- but it just plain wore out too rapidly. I also recall it having mag release spring issues and it cost me about $65 to ship it to Taurus for replacement. It worked OK after that but soon had the same issue again. I learned that a Glock spring fit the hole very well and that did not lose spring tension like the 2 Taurus springs did. But that used a single, flat-coil spring in the guide rod assembly so it is a totally different application.

    Not trying to bash all Taurus' here but the 2 pistols that I have fired do seem to have their issues. It's kind of ironic in that my son sold his Kel-Tec and kicked in some cash to upgrade to the Taurus.

    Just wondering if other folks have had the same issues.

    (PS: I did notice I mispelled Assembly in the subject line - can't seem to change it)