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Discussion in 'Taurus' started by Harley02fb, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I have a Taurus millenium PT145 Pro,Since I have started firing it ,it has been jaming up after the first round ,and the clip disengages on its on ,i have read some posts on this and have found a few others with this same issue,Since this is my personal protection pistol and i have nothing to take its place i need to find out if there is a fix to this problem ,I would really appreciate any feed back on this issue ,and any info on repairing ,Thanks to anyone that can help .
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    What type of ammo are you using and is it a new pistol? Sometimes new pistols require a "break in" period to loosen up a bit. Also - do you have a 2nd magazine to try to see if the magazine is bad. I would take it apart and clean it. Then I would apply some gun grease to the bottom of the slide and the rails. The Millenium Pros like a bit of lube. If the problem persists - go to Taurus website and fill out a repair order to send it back and let them look at it. It has a lifetime warranty.

  3. I have the same gun and find that Wolfe and CCI Blazer 170 gr runs super smooth through mine. Have tried probably 7 different rounds but these function perfect. The CCI is very accurate!