Taurus model 445, anyone?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by fred, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. I would like to know if anyone has any report +/- on these small handcannons. Thanks.
  2. 300wbymag

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    got one!
    like it alot!
    in fact i was just shooting it today.
    it's a handfull with Corbon loads but no worse than my .357mag
    S&W 640.
    makes nice big holes!

  3. Thanks, 300wbymag! I am stongly considering one.
  4. Update for Taurus fans: I picked up my Taurus 445 (factory ported) and it shot very well. Double action smoother than my old Ruger SP-101 and about on a par with a 1967 Colt detective special. Porting does reduce the felt recoil in the web of the hand compared to the unported T445 I rented at the range using the same ammo.
  5. mark8252

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    Mine is titaniun and has a ported barrel. The first time I shot it I could not believe how accurate it was at 25 yards...much more distance than the expected distance for a self defense firearm with serious stopping power. The grips that come with it are very comfortable and help control this firearm considerably. Add the ported barrel and it recoils no more than my 38's do without the ported barrel. Hard to believe a snubby in cannon caliber is so much fun to shoot. The light weight of the titanium makes it surprisingly easy to cary for a large caliber handgun.
    This firearm has become a favorite.
    Best part is I only paid $300 for it in like new condition.
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    I love mine and it's a stainless one. As I said in a previous posting, my 445 is the one I put in my tacklebox on fishing trips. Also, the 44 special is one of the most under-rated pistol cartridges. It's accurate, has great knockdown power, and a pleasure to shoot.