Taurus PT 1911 pro''s and con's questions?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sirptrk, May 18, 2008.

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    I am going to buy a 1911 45 cal pistol, I have looked at several Manufactors, and Taurus seems to have the best stock pistol for the money, with alot of the options others dont come with. Do any of you Taurus 1911 owners have or know of any pro's or con's about this gun.I dont buy cheap guns, but I dont want to spend a fortune on this pistol since it will be a home protection and play toy. As you can see I own several fairly expensive guns if you look at my pictures, but I want one that will throw out a big chunk of lead without it being a wheel gun. :feedback:
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    My benchmark for judging 1911's is my kimber eclipse custom II.

    It's a very nice gun, but honestly it only has two advantages over my taurus 1911.

    1. Trigger. The kimber is a bit smoother and lighter.

    2. Sights. The Taurus has very good sights, but my kimber has the mepro night sights which are better imo. Although you can get the taurus with night sights also so that negates that fact.

    Bottom line the Taurus is the best 1911 on the market today for the $$$ no doubt and it is just as nice as most guns costing twice the price.

    Buy one.:)

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    The Taurus 1911 will not accept many aftermarket parts due to its hands-on manufacturing method. I forgot where I read that.
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    My first gun was a Taurus PT1911, and I so far have zero complaints. There was only one time I had a problem, and it was due to the bullet. I ejected this bullet and tried a couple more times, but it would not chamber... but when I continued with the rest of the magazine, it did just fine.

    Also, a neat thing about Taurus... first off, you'll see a lot of rabidly anti-Taurus people... from what I understand, Taurus used to suck. But, they've improved, and they make a lot of their own parts... so they add a lot of customizing to their 1911's that would be a lot more expensive on other 1911's.

    And... something else you may be interested in knowing. What sold me on the Taurus 1911 is that I heard the local PD got a few and were trying them out... and were suitably impressed after more than 1,500 rounds fired.
  5. Paper

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    I've got zero complaints about my PT1911..
    I can shoot it better than I can shoot my buddy's Colt 1991A1, and I've fired his gun more than my own..
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    Can you Taurus 1911 owners verify whether or not they will accept after market accessories, like most of the other 1911 clones do!
  7. I love my PT-1911. It is so accurate.
  8. I'm a tuarus owner, although I don't own the PT1911... I love taurus products, but I have heard that you cant "drop in" other 1911 parts with this gun. Such as hammers, slides, ect...
  9. It is ok if you can not "drop in" other 1911 parts with this gun, because you would not have to.
  10. Paper

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    I agree.. I didn't buy it to build it, but to shoot it.. Taurus stuck more modifications in the gun from the factory than I would have purchased in the first place.

    No offense to those who enjoy building guns (.45's, AR's, ect.) but I buy them to shoot them with few mods..
  11. PT 1911

    Some people are just out of control about modifying their guns. Why would you want to buy a pistol and then modify it. Why not just buy the one that it is already modified.
  12. Paper

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    I'm sure for some, they enjoy the challenge of building the best gun they can.. Some enjoy the building more than the shooting..

    To each his/her own.. I'd like to glass bed some of my rifles, but instead I go shoot and clean them.. Other than refinishing a few stocks during the dead of winter, I just don't have the time to play the modification game..

    But to those that do enjoy it, more power to ya!!!:werd:
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    First time I've heard Paper include the word "glass" in that sentence. :bigeyes:
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    I have a Taurus PT 1911 AR. It is one of the best guns I have ever owed. I have never had any problems misfiring or stove piping or any of the problems that people like to blame on Taurus. I have purchased alternate grips and added a laser site. It is true that no very many aftermarket parts can be found for Taurus handguns, especially drop in parts. But, anyone who knows anything about 1911's knows that there is no such thing as a drop-in part. To truely have an aftermarket part perform the way it is supposed to perform you have to have it match fitted no matter if it is drop-in or not. I am extremely pleased with my PT1911. Its accurate, smooth, looks good, feels good and I have heard horror stories about Taurus before buy I have heard just as many about Kimber. My father purchased a Para Ord. 1911 shortly after he saw my 1911. He paid $200 more and had less features. His didn't have the checkered front strap or trigger guard, no ambi safety, no polished feed ramp, had 3 dot sights instead of the heinie straight 8 sights which i prefer due to being able to aim faster. There is no better gun for the money. If you want a Kimber because they are pretty then pay double or triple the price, but that is what you are paying for looks and name.
  15. I have one also, and I am happy with it.
  16. My Charles Daly .45 and my PT1911 .45

  17. I've owned three different Taurus automatics, THEY ROCK. Anyone that badmouths Taurus quality is confused.
  18. me too. I got two 9mm and the PT1911
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    I have a pt 1911 and it is very accurate and reliable. It will out shoot and is far more reliable than a friends springfield 1911 and he had a shop put a custom barrel and some other goodies in his gun and he still can't feed cast bullets. He has almost three times the money in it than I have in my PT and still doesn't have all the features I have. As far as these people who complain about the company of taurus I haven't had that experience. Recently I refinished a friends PT 92 and lost a spring. I called Taurus and they shipped one out immediately and didn't charge a thing for it not even for shipping. They even offered to reassemble the gun for me at no cost.
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