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Taurus Taurus pt 92 pic thread

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by UrbanCombat45, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Please if u have a pt 92 99 100 101 post pics...and someone tell me what a fair price would be for one.

  2. I have had my Taurus PT 92 for about 15 years now. It has been a Great gun compared to what Iread and hear about the Newer versions out now. Mine has been nearly 100% over the 15 yrs that I have owned it. And believe me it gets fired alot!
  3. if you have'nt noticed there are alot of Taurus haters here. Not much traffic going on here either.
  4. Ya I thought so...
  5. UrbanCombat45, I thought you stopped the post with Nevermind.

    Haters Hate - doesn't matter what they point their hatred toward.

    I just picked up a used Taurus 99 and got to shoot it this weekend.
    Had some issues with what I suspect is the ammo since my Taurus 709 stovepipes with it too. It was my last box of Federal Champion Value Pack 9mm, so I wanted to use it up. It is very accurate, just would like to change the grips.

    Pistol is Stainless, in excellent condition, no rail, rubber grips, several holsters, wasn't an awesome deal, but local sale.. paid $350

    I've seen others post for $400-$450 in similar condition.
  6. I fire Winchester White Box & Wolf in mine. No problems.
  7. Inazone

    Inazone G&G Regular

    I bought my stainless PT92 used at Gander Mountain of all places, with three mags and a Fobus paddle holster for $300. I'm not sure how many rounds I have through it - a few hundred I suppose - and I can't think of any problems with any type of ammo so far. I usually stick with Fiocchi or Armscor 124gr FMJs, although I sometimes run through a box of American Eagle or Lawman too, and a handful of JHPs here and there.
  8. Mosin_Mike

    Mosin_Mike G&G Addict

    I have had aPT92 for 15 years now bought it used for about 300 also. It was my truck gun for years and the finish is worn and not so pretty anymore. I have put about 10.000plus rds thru it, it shot great no FTF.....till a friend of mine gave me a dragonfire ported barrel. I thought it was time for a new barrel as the old one was a little worn, I had it put on and now its not so good. The barrel looks great but it only likes alumium cased blazers, brass ammo stovepipes, I want to have it worked on, maybe polish the chamber, something, its too good to just forget about it. Its very accurate when it shoots. I would say get one and keep it stock and it will last a lifetime. The grips are a little wide but with a pair of hogue rubber grips it slims down a lot. A new one might run you 450 to about 500 bucks.
    Here's my beat up old girl.
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  9. I want the old version..without the rail. Hopefully a matte much wider is the 100 ???
  10. Mosin_Mike

    Mosin_Mike G&G Addict

    I would think the 100 is the same.
  11. Does the 19rd factory mag that is with it from AcademySports have a removable bumper ? What I mean is... the plastic there a metal one underneath? Im gettin one from Academy for 379 and dont like the extended floorplate on the bottom of the mag..
  12. srt 10 jimbo

    srt 10 jimbo G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Have a Pt92 and a Pt 101 only problem i ever had was with the adjustable sights coming loose on the 101. Have had the 92 over 20 years now
  13. Anyone know if the 19rd factory mags can take plastic baseplate off ?