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Discussion in 'Taurus' started by DavidW, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. DavidW

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    Am currently thinking about putting an IDPA gun together on a PT-92. Would appreciate any comments regarding durability, reliability and accuracy. Am also curious if any knows if aftermarket mags for Beretta work with this gun, as I have a few and don't want to buy mags if I don't have to.

    David W
  2. Eric

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    Hey David,
    The Taurus is an awesome weapon. Much better than the M9. The safety setup is much better. I've had one 'forever' and have no complaints whatsoever. But, I must bust your hopes, the Baretta mags for their 92 won't fit. Boy I wish they did, I have over thirty of those. But you can still get hi-caps for the Taurus for pretty cheap. That's my opinion on the subject. Good Shooting!

  3. Calvin

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  4. Hey brother i have a Taurus PT-99, 9mm. If i put a slide from a Taurus PT-100/101, will i be able to fire .40 S&W ammo through my 9mm?