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    What are your views on the Taurus brand.

    I own one .357 and saw that they now make a glock type 40. It appears that they copy other popular brands retail for about 200 less. I have heard some do not like them but they offer the lifetime warranty which is a selling point for me.
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    Iv'e only owned one, an 85CH. I found it to be of excellent quality. Otheres I have handled have been the same. I knoe several who have them & like them very much. I think the reduced cost reflects the labor rates in Brazil. A lot lower than Austria etc.


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    Taurus is quickly becoming my favorite gun, starting to pass Ruger. I own 4 Taurus firearms and would not trade them for anything.
  4. I have a model 689 with 6" vented rib in .357 mag that shoots real well. I had trouble with the screw on the cylinder latch until I got a small tube of Loctite. No other problem. I like it real well. I am now trying to find out about Taurus model 445 (.44 S&W special). No replies to my post on the Taurus page as of 7/21.
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    I have a cool little stainless pump action .22 Magnum rifle made by Taurus....I like the Guarantee...strong selling point..
  6. Ruger fan to the dinosaur heap.--Hummmmm. Are you sure?

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    Close alan, close man. Taurus is making some mighty fine guns these days. Ruger is getting kind of stale and riding on their old guns. Taurus keeps coming up with new offerings. I'm going to start collecting the Tracker series.Already got the .22, next is the .357.
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    Taurus quality has dramtically improved over the last 20 years or so. I see no point to get a S&W gun that may be inferior in quality, just to pay $100-300 more.

    One popular line that I DO question is the Beretta 92/96 clones. They are no longer that much cheaper than Berettas. Good guns with some slightly different features/options, though.
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    I own a Taurus P92 and I've always thought it was a better gun than my Baretta 92 that I carry at work. I really like the Taurus safety design alot better too.
  10. Eric--just curious why not carry your Taurus.
  11. NRAJOE over the years I have owned a Taurus compact and a 92 both pistols were great. I will get another one some day.
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    With Bill Ruger gone, perhaps Ruger will finally bring out more guns they have worked on and had on hold because he didn't want the guns developed. Old fart was a brick wall for his own firm. He should have given up control years ago.
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    Taurus has done alot to improve quality. Their revolvers have become a viable choice & their steel autos are well made guns.
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    I carried a Model 85CH on my vest as a backup for a couple of years. Never had a prob with it. Bought it because it was affordable. Good little gun for sure.....
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    I have a taurus millennium pt140 pro 40 cal and taurus pt24/7 pro ds 45 cal,i will get another taurus.thats it.price,quality,ez to shoot.taurus the best i have seen on the market
  16. I have two .38 Taurus Model 85 small frame revolvers with 2" barrels; one blue and one stainless. They are excellent guns. I also purchased them both used and I know that Taurus will repair them for any manufacturing defects even though I was not the original owner. I also remember back in the early/mid-90s when Smith & Wesson was putting out revolvers with shabby fitting while Taurus quality was actually better. I know because I know and like Smith & Wesson too and I was really disappointed in them. I heard that Smith & Wesson has since improved, but Taurus has likewise stayed as good or better in quality and customer satisfaction.
  17. I own two Taurus's and couldn't be happier with them. I have a .357 titanium Snubby that I carry a lot and I have a .45 Millennium that is very reliable and accurate. I carry it often too. Both of them were taken new out of the box, cleaned, oiled and shot like champs. The millennium holds 11 rounds of .45 ammo and can easily hide wearing a t shirt with the right IWB Holster. The snubby fits in my shorts pocket perfect in an Uncle Mike's Size 4 pocket holster. It shoots 180 grain + P loads without too much pain on the hand. Not bad for a bun that weighs 16 ounces. I don't own one yet but I see a Taurus Slim in my future. Taurus is a chance to get a great gun at a low price with a lifetime warranty. I feel very confident in both of my Taurus guns and would suggest one to anyone.
  18. I have a PT92 AFS in 9mm that I really enjoy shooting..like the safety much better than the Baretta..never any problems or issues...added a Wollf 15# recoil spring to cushion the recoil when I shoot +P S/D loads...(not often but just like the added spring strength). I keep hearing of Taurus bashing and I guess they had some problems in the past but I've owned several Taurus pistols and never had any problems...great price performers.
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    Have 3 of them. PT 101, PT 1911 And a Pt 709 slim. no problems with any of them.:approve:
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    I own a PT1911 and its nice. Most of the bugs with Taurus pistols have been worked out such as the wimpy ambi-safety on the 1911 and whatnot. As with any brand new line of anything for a company there are going to be flaws. I'm sure when Colt first started producing Mr. Browning's gun they had some hiccups, afterall it wasn't their design to begin with...