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Taurus vs other guns

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What are your views on the Taurus brand.

I own one .357 and saw that they now make a glock type 40. It appears that they copy other popular brands retail for about 200 less. I have heard some do not like them but they offer the lifetime warranty which is a selling point for me.
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I have two .38 Taurus Model 85 small frame revolvers with 2" barrels; one blue and one stainless. They are excellent guns. I also purchased them both used and I know that Taurus will repair them for any manufacturing defects even though I was not the original owner. I also remember back in the early/mid-90s when Smith & Wesson was putting out revolvers with shabby fitting while Taurus quality was actually better. I know because I know and like Smith & Wesson too and I was really disappointed in them. I heard that Smith & Wesson has since improved, but Taurus has likewise stayed as good or better in quality and customer satisfaction.
I own a PT1911 and its nice. Most of the bugs with Taurus pistols have been worked out such as the wimpy ambi-safety on the 1911 and whatnot. As with any brand new line of anything for a company there are going to be flaws. I'm sure when Colt first started producing Mr. Browning's gun they had some hiccups, afterall it wasn't their design to begin with...
And a lot people conveniently forget about the problems with the Smith & Wesson Sigma when it first came out in the early 90s. The Sigma was our tactical team's and SORT team's first auto pistol. I was one of the instructors that ran the officers through the service pistol transition course and we had a time keeping loaded magazines from just falling out of the S&W Sigmas during live fire exercises. They had odd feeling trigger pulls and didn't inspire confidence with officers who had previously excelled with the 9mm S&W 5906 service autos and the .38 S&W and Ruger service revolvers. The S&W Sigma design was eventually improved, but not before we dropped it entirely from our inventory and opted for the Glock 22/23 series of pistols which I understand are still in use today.

Now, I won't repeat or delve into the problems Smith & Wesson had with shabby workmanship in their early-90s “high end” revolvers. I remember the gun store owner who I moonlighted for sending back a brand new .44 mag S&W Model 629 and a .45 ACP/AR S&W Model 625 because the cylinders where not aligned with the frames and in one case (I can't remember which one) there was too big of a gap between the front of the chambers and the forcing cone. Even the metal to metal fitting was cheaply done and one could see the unevenness right out of the box. Hardly the "Grand Old Gun Maker" that Elmer Keith, Bill Jordon, or Skeeter Skelton would have supported when Smith & Wesson really was that sort of gun maker. At that sad period in Smith & Wesson history, Taurus made a better gun and successfully scooped much of S&Ws market. Taurus quality has not gone down since and has kept pace with, or stayed ahead of Smith & Wesson as the later struggled to redeem itself.
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Never mind the Sigmas of the 90's. I shot a Sigma that was bought in 2008 and it is a piece of crap next to any Taurus I have ever show. S&W should be embarassed to have their great name on that gun. I'll take a Taurus over a Sigma, or Glock for that matter, any time. I have seen many threads where people bash a Taurus and I make the same offer. PM me for my dealer's address if you want to get rid of that shitty Taurus I'll pay the shipping to send it to me at my Dealer's Shop. Strangely enough, nobody has ever taken me up on my offer to rid them of such junk.

Taurus is just a good gun at a low cost.
Agreed. You would think with CNC machining technology and other advanced manufacturing techniques already adopted by comparative upstarts like Springfield Armory, Taurus, and to a lesser extent, Glock, would have rubbed off on old established gun makers like Smith & Wesson and Colt. You would think that they were putting their own guns to their heads and committing suicide instead. I love their old guns. I have a .45 Smith & Wesson 1938 Brazilian military contract version of their Model 1917 service revolver. It is the epitome of quality and workmanship. The new guns just don't come close and probably never will.
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