Teacher Ties Up 'Slave' Students; Media Yawn

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    Ok Ill bet you all 1 22 LR round that you cant guess what state this happened in???????????????

    Im begining to think this state exist for the sole porpus of creating weird news. No wounder they have so many gun laws..cause if some one did this to my kids....welp Id be useing words Chris would #$%^ out and probly not be physicaly nice to the teacher.

    Friday, July 19, 2002
    Teacher Ties Up 'Slave' Students; Media Yawn

    Imagine how the media would scream if a priest or minister were caught tying up children. But for some reason it's a non-story if a teacher at a government school does the same thing.

    Eighth-graders at Lincoln Middle School in Alameda, Calif., "had their hands bound together with masking tape and were forced to lie down where they were duct taped at the waist to the floor," reports Pacific Justice Institute.

    "The intent of the exercise was to allegedly help students experience what slaves felt as they were transported to America on slave ships."

    A parent worried that the teacher’s unauthorized physical restraint of the pupils potentially endangered their health and safety complained to the institute.

    "Although the school has agreed to notify parents in the future and to give objecting parents the right to opt their children out of the exercise, the school has refused to notify the parents whose children were already subjected to this questionable activity."

    One student was emotionally traumatized because of the restraint. One parent was outraged by the school’s and district’s refusal to inform parents that the teacher restrained students without prior informed parental consent.

    "While it is important to teach students about the horrific evils of slavery, it is completely inappropriate to physically restrain students and potentially compromise their physical safety or emotional well-being,â€￾ stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights and other civil liberties.

    A search of the Associated Press and other news wires found no mention of the school district's bizarre methods.

    Likewise, the mainstream media have given far more coverage to any religious figure accused of pedophilia than to government schoolteachers accused of similar offenses. And they have virtually ignored the California government schools' forced indoctrination of children into Islam.

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    Cali......what other state is there!?

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    Im just glad they did not put kids in an oven (On low heat) to let them experience the Holocost, or place them in freazing water to experience the Titanic....guess microwave oven them for the Heroshima experience...... Cant we put this state up for sale on e-bay?
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    Who would buy it?
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    The Chinese would ...
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    The trick would be getting the deed from Mexico.
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    Thought Santa Anna signed it over to Polk 150 years ago.
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    i thought japan and germany owned it! trying to find an american-made car or truck in california is like looking for a guy in rosie o'donnells' bed! i reckon they're all communists or illegal aliens...

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    Hey this doesn't really bother me so much; I mean it's masking tape how hard would it be break it. I really don't see how you could traumatize someone over this? I do not think this was a good thing. When I was a kid they used masking tape to bind someone's hands to a cross to symbolize jesus on the cross and used a little kerosene/water mix in an upside down garbage can lid on rocks to symbolize an altar fire when teaching us about the bible.
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    I've gotten bound-up in masking tape,(an accident),didn't feel traumatized,just stupid.
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    The point is.

    I see the big issue is that the parents we NOT told of this. My girls are ages 12 and 10 (also 23 but not in elamentry school)...and as a parent I dont want my kids tuched by some freak ball .. let me show you how the slaves felt...NMBLA charter member that gets off doing the bondage thing to children. The resonse from the school board..we will let you know next time...is bougas... I guess the artical just hit a nerve or something... I do know some parents in FL. made the news..got arrested..kids taken away for tapeing their kids hands or mouths shut.... just like the Calf school doing the lets play muslim for a week... (See bottom of the artical) I know I would have had a cow if my kids were told to pray towards meca...
  12. hhahahaah we're not all commies or illegals here, it's just there's too many liberal hustlers, and sheep here, there's a few of us patriots here but not enough to stop the liberal and mexican hordes!!!!!!!!!
    they're like roaches they just won't go away!
  13. Frozen Peas

    I wonder if I could take the teacher and use a hammer, to pound frozen peas into the teachers abdomen. All to show her how the students at Kent State might have felt being riddled by .223 ordinance?

    I am not making fun of Kent State, please do not take it that way........