Teachin' the ladies to shoot...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Benny, Apr 3, 2002.

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    This past weekend I took a friend of mine to go shooting which happens to be a female. She had an awesome time shooting and the smile on her face after she ripped off a 15 round clip from a Ruger P85 was priceless. It's moments like that, that make teaching someone to shoot very worth the time. She had such a good time one of her other female friends wants to go too. I think there are a lot of people that just need someone to take them out shooting once and they'll be hooked. On a sadder note I was speaking with another girl I know that told me quote "I'm scared of guns" when I told her I love to shoot. I asked why and she said "they're scary and I don't like them." I pressed her further but all she would say is that they're scary and they don't like them. I said she should take a gun safety course so as to become familiar with guns and remove the fear. This is what she said "they're scary and I don't think about them ever." Very sad that she doesn't have an open mind.

    Also, have any of you guys tried Butch's Bore Shine for a bore cleaner? That stuff works wonders with a bore snake. Swab out the barrel with Butch's and run the bore snake through a few times... my barrel's a mirror. Just thought I'd let you guys know!!

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    way to go benny, every newbie that trys out shooting the more recruits we have on our side. i guess that one female will never change, its sad.

  3. Big Dog

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    She probably had a very traumatic experience, involving a gun. I'm not kidding! Some people tend to put their fear against the inanimate object, rather than the person using it. She'll never get past it.
    Congrats for those who took the plunge. We men think of this as a "Man's sport", but we need all the ladies we can get onto our side. The fairer sex outnumber us now, and they are a force to be reckoned with at the polls.
  4. Shaun

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    good going Benny -- my ex and my best friend love shooting and I actually had to promise my friend Tracy that the next time she comes out here from PRK that i would take her to the range and let her have a ball.
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    How true Big Dog, get them at the polls!!!
    Dang near every woman I have been shooting with has enjoyed it very much. There are those that will never change thier minds or never allow themselves to be educated. But just because she doesn't like guns, does she respect our rights to own them?
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    just an idea, turn her onto the women's forum to work it out with some other ladies. sometimes it's just a mental block from a mans point of view and one other woman is not enought to push the person over the rest of the way.
    if all else fails, acceptance of what we do is better than nuthi'n.