Ted Kennedy hospitalized

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  1. Ted Kennedy was taken to the hospital this morning with a possible stroke.
  2. Windwalker

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    I wouldn't wish more harm to befall him but if this stroke were serious enough that he had to resign from the Senate our Country would benefit from it.

  3. Hi-Prestige news opportunity

    I do not wish bad things for him although I certainly do not share his viewpoint on many, many issues.

    You can bet Obamawama and Hillary Dillary will be on T.V. giving the
    big boo-hoo-hoo sob over their fallen comrade. Anything to get
    15 seconds of prime time exposure. I, for one, am burned out on their
    phony act day after day after day.
  4. It turns out it is just seizures.
  5. Durring the last election one of the dems I think had a stroke and they wouldnt let anyone see him on tv or in public what ever happened to him? Did he get better or have to step down?
  6. Your talking about Tim Johnson. He kept his seat through all the therapy. He is still there.
  7. Siezures????? Probably had too much to drink. If we had a similar situation as he did with Mary Jo we'd be getting out of jail about now!
  8. The only reason I'd want to live in Massachuetes would be to vote his a$$ outa office.