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  1. Since Ted williams died and was cryogenically frozen to be brought to life again in the future (assuming the outcome of the legal battle) I just wondered how many of you would want to be brought to life again in say 500 years. I know I wouldnt. I got a million reasons why not. How about you? Wanna see the future?
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    As I understand it, ALCOR (The main ones to do this freezing stuff) make no claim you will be revived. However, if they bury you...the worms eat you! No chance to come back here1 And, should they burn you....Well, you ain't coming back from that! So, the chance is slim, indeed! But, still there! Small enough to be discounted for sure, but, still there is a chance! Might be interesting to see what is left of our country and it's bill of rights!

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    I was under the impression that the intent was to preserve tissue to provide DNA samples for a future attempt at cloning.
    In case anyone is confused by misinformation by the media, cloning would (does?) not produce an instant duplicate of a person. A human clone would have the same DNA as the "donor" but be a seperate person. The clone would grow and be raised like a normal person, with his own personality and memories. The movie "The Boys From Brazil" covered human cloning properly.
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    DNA cloning could be very interesting

    Personally, I don't have a problem with DNA cloning but some people believe it's an act against nature.

    DNA cloning carried to the extreme by some rulers with wicked minds could open up a whole can of sick worms.

    However, DNA cloning for preserving certain desirable human characteristics might be an interesting option if a couple wanted the best genes to be present in their offspring.

    I'd like to learn a lot more on this subject before I make any judgments on this process.


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    You don't play God or fool Mother Nature...they'll both get you back.
  6. Do you really think that science will advance enough for this to happen. Clones--will it have a soul. If us humans create people--will it be same as God's creation?
    NRAJOE--good point it ain't going to happen without repercussions.
    The problem with scientists is they want to be like God. They are not happy just being a creation of God.
    And I ain't talking about Dolly the sheep.
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    Look, if any mammal could be cloned, then it would work with humans, too. Clones would be like identical twins. As far a souls go think about it yourself. Do sperm cells have a soul? Do egg cells have a soul? Does a soul appear as soon as a sperm cell penetrates an egg cell? Cloning does require an egg cell and gestation period. I have no idea at what point humans acquire souls, I am just raising points to consider here. I, personally, would treat a cloned human as a full fledged person.
  8. Klaus are you playing God.--Mammals on the same level as humans now that is funny. The soul is the breath of God, Why bother dude-- this discussion isn't going any where--Identical twins --yes but not morally correct. You can copy a human , but you cannot copy the spirit.--it's a God thing.
    My question is--why are amimals and humans put on a even keel???
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    Another problem with cloning, and no one knows why, is that the clone ages up to 5 times faster than the donor.
    Personally, I'm with NRAJoe on this. You don't mess with God or natures' work-it can be a nightmare. But, as Klaus said, I would treat the clone as a normal person/animal. Almost every living thing desrves some respect. The ones that don't are the scumbags of this planet.......
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    For Alan C.: First off, humans ARE mammals. Secondly, I did not put "animals" on the same "level" as humans. I just pointed out that the genetics and embryo developement were similar amongst mammals so if any mammal could be cloned, the same procedure would work with the others. I have no idea what you thought you read. I certainly am not playing God, in fact, if you bother reading my post, you would see I never recommended or supported human cloning.
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    What if they cloned the Victoria's Secret ladies,and you could get one. Any objections?
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    Yes, slavery is illegal and, IMHO, immoral.
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    Cloning as we know it would involve the person being born as a baby and growing up. The only difference is that they would have the exact same genes as the person being cloned. As said before, an identical twin, only they would be born independently and if an adult was cloned, generations apart. Sci fi portrays cloning like an instant copy machine, which is not the case with our modern methods. Whether it should be done, I think it's a matter of bringing someone into the world for purely exploitative purposes. Think about it, bringing someone into the world as an experiment. Forget scientific moral issues, it's treating people as consumer items. If you thought having kids in order to get welfare was bad, this is infinitely worse. Where's the love in all this? I believe it boils down to God's design of the family, that kids come in the midst of love. If people start having kids as experiments... How would you like to be an experiment? Think of the teen suicides, crime, and everything.

    Oh yes, and Wes... You can't clone plastic.
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    I too, believe it is wrong to clone another human being. However, I believe the cloning of organs to save a human life is totally moral. I watched the special on the attempt to clone a Tazmanian Tiger. They discussed the millions of lives that could be SAVED by cloning. All the individuals on organ donor wait list would just go to the specific clinc and give a blood sample, then later come back for the surgery. This also does away with the problem of the body rejecting the new organ and alleviates all the drugs organ recipients must take the rest of their lives. JMHO.
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    Wes: Clone away!!

    Cloning, is new technology, and very scary. I would have to see the reasons behind it, but if they are able to clone a heart from the tissue of a person and make that person live 50 years longer, and in turn that person come up with a cure for Cancer/AIDS see what I mean....I am not talking about cloning a whole person mind you!
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    I think this cloning buisness is a mistake. We are here for a certain amount of time and I feel it's not right to play God on your own by cheating. Your body and it's organs were made to last a certain span of time. If God wanted us to live forever in human form, we would. However, that's not the case. Everything dies for a reason. How crowded would this world be if everyone had a clone to keep for spare parts?
  17. I am not so sure cloning hasn't already been done. Calvin--I agree.
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    I heard Ted's son is going to sell his dads DNA on the open market. Hes gonna call them "My POPsicles"... :D
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    Tissue "cloning" is a bit different. A tissue sample is taken and persueded to grow in a lab until there is enough for a transplant. It is quite different from cloning an entire organism. One application that is being worked on now is growing new skin for burn victims.