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Tell me about Glocks

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Never realy looked much at them....seems like a cheap copy of a Hi-Point :) but people seem to like them. How well do they work? Accurate? do they do well with cast lead bullets or are they picky??? Does the compensated barrel help or is it just show?
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using lead bullets voids the warranty..something about the polygonal rifling
Hummmmm not good since I reload and cast my Glock is out. So what your saying Logansdad is that when Glock copied Hi-Point they did so poorly and used inferior quality barrels and chambers that can not handle soft lead bullets. :)

Dont see too many Glock owners posting on this....probably embarrassed :)
not embarassed..I have a couple Glocks...I think they are the best sidearms available on the planet...just wish they made a .22lr
Conversion kit LogansDad...that's about the only option. I firmly swear by Glock......but I won't get into the argument. Owned five of them over the years....probably fifty thousand rounds total.....including my current duty weapon and my back up/vest gun, and Liss' baby 9mm......never as much as a stove pipe......

One time I had a full box that had low primers though.......every single round went, "Click."
I meant a purpose built .22lr with the tenifer finish...could be very flat with a good barrel length..3-5 inch barrel..I wish they had come up with a PPK type of loaded chamber indicator instead
oh yeah.. Doglips range snobs really don't like Glocks
I love my Glock. Very reliable gun. If you want to shoot lead in a Glock it can be done, you just have to get a differn't barrel such as a KKM from
Figured that last comment would get some people to post about their glocks :)

Ive heard good things about them....the no lead was not something I read about....the Taures 357 is looking better all the time...only because the CZ dont have adjustable sights, Glocks do shoot lead/cast....HK even used is rediculas in price....probly going to the gun store tuesday and look around....might just use wifee poos Star Mod B for a few outings then go from there....but I got more time than $$ so we will see.
I still say know how range snobs are
I have 3 Glocks, one 40S&W and two .45s. They are the most accurate out of the box pistols I have ever owned. My list include 2 Kimbers, a few Colts, and etc. The 40 is more painful to shoot than my TC 35Rem.
I just can't handle shooting a gun that sounds like sumpin' you stepped in at the park! :D time I stepped in a pile of Hi-Point! :D mention a Taurus 357.....if you want a revolver than get one dude....Glock ain't a revolver. Nobody would ever question a wheel least I wouldn't. But if you want to know about a Glock go try one dude. You'll see why.....

But a four inch Smith trupms a Glock all day long if you know how to use the wheel gun. 1*
1* I was looking at auto vs ?? the auto is better for us leftys ....ended up with the Taurus tracker 357mag...more due to the use of reloads/cast lead.....and 1911's generaly not haveing adjustable sights....only got back into shooting 2 years ago after my 1985 eye surgery...still favior my right eye/side so nned a lot of adjustment...Glocks Im sure are good firearms....the cast lead is a problem only due to rifleing/barrel Marlins micro grove dont like lead...but if I used jacketed bullets the reload cost per round is too low to be worth the trouble...and I need to put a few hundred rounds a week for a month or two to get myself comfortable with the plan is to try the Taurus at IDPA in Jan....may even see about useing the Hi-Point once I get a feel for the group at the range.
If'n you like the Hi Point so much (and we all know you do) use it...If you're concerned about range snobs they'll never be impressed unless it's a high dollar 1911A1
my highpoint will fire anyround through it and i don't have to worry about a warranty some guns are made that way some are not. just like the ak47 will spit bullets till it has a melt down but the ar15 will not but you can almost buy 3 ak's for the price of one good ar15. when you buy a gun ask what you can shoot through it why buy a 500 dollar gun that you can only shoot a certain ammo through it . or why buy a gun just so you have a really exspensive gun to shoot at the range when you go. when you go to buy a gun buy it because you want to buy it don't buy it wondering what you are going to look like at the range shooting it . i hear alot of people talk about how much they paid for thier gun and how good it shoots and all this stuff at the range. and the next thing you know they are trying to clear a jam out of thier exspensive gun. and they get madd if you talk bad are make fun of thier high priced gun.

what i'm trying to say is a glock ain't no highpoint and an ak47 ain't no ar15.every gun is diferent just like a person

look at it in my view everytime someone buy's a new gun in someway or form they are supporting mine and you'er gun right's wether it's a highpoint or a berretta or glock or what ever. everytime a new gun is sold in the U.S.A we win . :D the more guncompanies we have in this country the better right!! although we could get rid of that tec9 gun i don't see any reason why that gun should be sold to the public. no sights on the gun at all it was made for one thing and one thing only to spray bullets and is converted to easliely to fully auto.the mac 10 too. .well got to go put the bird in the oven :D later
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Ya Tommy you got a good point...And I do one a few HP and the t-shirts to match....Guess Ill have to practice with the Hi-Point 45acp and the Taurus .....2 diffrent classes in IDPA....Got to admit my Hi-Point likes the cast bullets I make....brings my ammo cost to $3 per 100....nothing like a new convert to remind us who have been in the HP faith a while about our roots :)
yea i have a rossi .44 special that out shoots any gun it went up against so for and alot of people say rossi is a cheap gun but it's made real nice i wouldn't trade it for a s&w or any other gun for anything . it's dead on has rear adjustable sights it's a nice gun i got a good deal from a drug head:D his loss my gain (kids don't do drugs you'll just grow up and end up selling all you'er guns to support yo habit ) and guy's like me will be there to buy them nice guns from you at a cheap price:D
Bob, if you are serious about Glock, read the following modifications I made to mine:

Since I responded to that thread, I have fired 230,200,185,and 165gr. Cor-bon+p through my Glock 30 with superior accuracy. I also started shooting with my Glock barrel some. Accuracy was great with it also.

A word of warning: do not reload brass fired through a Glock barrel. The brass can be stretched and bulged from the oversized chamber.
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